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    Yippy!  Another school year is upon us.  I am so excited about being back in school.  

    This year I am really emphasizing writing in my English classes.  Grammar skills will be implemented within writing activities so that the students will understand the practicality of grammar.  Students will be encouraged to take the lead in determining our topics so that they have more ownership of the writing and will be self driven to complete their work.  I want them to love writing.
    Students will have weekly homework.  An assignment will be given each Monday and expected to be turned in on Friday.  This gives them a week to finish.  I will give daily reminders that homework  is due.  I will not give homework on short weeks.  Homework will also be on my web page so parents can prompt kids to finish work too.  Homework will be graded weekly.
    Students will also do a daily journal and bell work at the beginning of each class.  The journal is a brief writing prompt that students will be asked to write at least 3 to 5 sentences about topics from social skills, daily news, or world events.  This is to get students thinking about writing responses.  The bell work is sentence correction to practice grammar skills.  A weekly averaged grade will be given for  journals and bell work.
    Daily work which will be graded daily as well.  Daily work is the work that we do each day in their writing journals.  Daily work could be brainstorming activities, rough drafts, character building activities, and so on.  
    Test will be given at the end of each unit that we complete, as well as 9 week test.  Test grades are weighted heavier than the other three grades. 
    I do give a lot of grades in my class.  I want my kids to succeed and grading daily allows me to see how my students are doing and what help they may need.  Students may come to me with questions about their grades at any time.  
    I hope to make this a great year for my students in English. My goal is to get them to improve their writing and also to make it less threatening and more enjoyable for them.  I know many students do not like to write, but they all have something to express and writing is a wonderful vehicle for expression.  
    If you have any concerns, comments, criticisms, or ideas please don't hesitate to email me or call me during my planning hour which is sixth hour.   

    Doris Driscoll