• Mrs. Willis 
    Name: Lori B. WillisConference/Plan:  6th Hour
    Email:  loriwillis@mooreschools.com
    2nd Lunch
    Hour (Time)SubjectRoom #
    Before School Help Daily @
    1.   8:20-9:17                             Math Analysis
    2.  9:22-10:22Math Analysis
    3.  10:27-11:24AP Calculus AB
    4.  11:30-12:28Math Analysis
    5.  1:11-2:08Math Analysis
    6.  2:14-3:11Plan
    Welcome Back Students! 
    If you want to go ahead and get your supplies for my class this year visit the tabs on the left to find the course's syllabus and supply lists. 
    Cell Phone Policy:
     My classroom will be a no cell phone environment.  Cell phones are a distraction and potential disruption.  Having them out on one's desk, lap or other exposed location and/or listening to music is not conducive to learning mathematics.  Cell phones will be silenced and put away at all times.  Violators will have their phone taken and turned into the office as per the student handbook.