4th Grade Policies and Expectations            


           Students will write daily assignments in the agenda exactly as they appear on the Smartboard at the beginning of each day. Assignments will be due the following school day and will be indicated as a HW (homework) in the subject box. If there is not an assignment due the following school day, it will be indicated as a No HW (no homework). Students will be required to write in legible handwriting so everyone can read it. If students are tardy, they are still responsible for getting the agenda copied. Students will take their agenda to each class in case of any changes or additions.  Parents, please initial and look over these agendas on a daily basis. The agenda will also let you know what your 4th grader does each day and when tests and projects are scheduled.

           The Work folder is where all homework, In-Progress work, projects, and correspondence is located. The left pocket of the Work folder is "Homework" which is due the following school day. The right side is "In-Progress." These assignments are to remain in the folder until they are due or until further notice.  Please allow everything to remain in this folder!! The Reading Logs for each quarter are located in the brads, in the center of the folder. These are to remain in the brads until the due date that is noted at the top of each reading log. 
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    All behavior is handled through Class Dojo. Please download the app so you can stay notified of your student's positive and negative Dojo points.
    1st Mark = Warning 
    2nd Mark = Walk the school playground perimeter for half a recess. -1 Dojo point
    3rd Mark = Walk the school playground perimeter for an entire recess. -2 Dojo points
    4th Mark = Isolated lunch (sit by themself) -3 Dojos
    5th Mark = Principal referral.
     *** Marks accumulate throughout the day and are reset at the end of each day...do better tomorrow!! The amount of marks given is to be determined by the teacher based on the incident.
    Individual Reward Incentive
    Students can receive positive Dojo points at any time!! These points are also included in our daily bingo TRAILS board! Much like BINGO, students get to choose a prize if their square is drawn.