• Mrs. Williams 
    Homeroom !!
     Name:Amanda Williams           Click HERE to email me

                                                                                         Ms. Williams Daily Schedule          

    2017 - 2018



            1st  BELL  7:30              2nd  BELL  7:35                                           2017 AIDS presentation


    FIRST PERIOD         7:40-8:40  

    SECOND PERIOD      8:45-9:41  

    THIRD PERIOD         9:46-10:42  

           LUNCH SCHEDULE  

                         7TH Grade Lunch 10:47-11:12      

     FOURTH PERIOD      11:17-12:13 

    FIFTH PERIOD         12:18-1:14  (plan-no class)

    SIXTH PERIOD         1:19-2:16  

    Here is the link for the Unwanted Disease project- Click this link for PDF of unwanted disease Project 2017

    Please don't use this link yet- We will go over textbook sign up in August 
    Log in information: OKfirstandlastname                         
                password:     OKlunchnumber 
    Redemption code needed from teacher- email was sent with the code 
     1st 9 week notebook
     1st notebook
      Here is the link for the PDF- 
    Here is the link for the PDF- Unwanted disease Poster or Prezi project 
    Here is the link for the PDF- Plant and Animal Project 2017- click here




    http://www.myscience8.com/human_biology_activities.html#human body model gallery
    Link to extra credit project.

    Co-Curricular Assignments:                                                                                
    Zoo crew starts soon!! More information to come. Exciting science adventure
    Most days I am in class for 30 min. after school ends for students needing help.
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