•  1st Hour: 7:40-8:40  7th Grade Science
     2nd Hour: 8:45-9:41     Plan
     3rd Hour: 9:46-10:42  7th Grade Science 
     4th Hour/Lunch: 10:47 - 12:13 7th Grade Pre AP Science
     5th Hour: 12:18-1:14   
     7th Grade Science 
     6th Hour: 1:19-2:16  7th Grade General Science 
    Hello! My name is Sarah Cates, and this is my 6th year at Highland West.  I attended Oklahoma State University and have a background in Zoology and Wildlife Management. I love science and I hope students will enjoy my class! Please email me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to having a successful year!  
    Daily Lesson Plans can be found on the Calendar link on the left side of this page. Assignments and Notes can be found in the links on left as well.  IF VIEWING ON A MOBILE DEVICE, CLICK THE 'PAGES' TAB TOWARDS THE TOP OF THIS PAGE FOR THE LINKS. 


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