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     "It is better to be a lion for one day than to be a sheep the rest of your life." --Elizabeth Kenny
    In English II, we are covering:  

    Persuasive Research Paper
    -The students will compose a five-paragraph essay about a current topic of society with a claim that includes two researchable and debatable points. Those two points will each make up two of the three body paragraphs for the essay. The third body paragraph will include a counter-argument to their stand on the topic. The final paper is worth a test grade and a project grade and is DUE ON MONDAY, 2/5!! All resources for the paper can be found on the links to the left. The students will be using Office 365 which is supplied by MPS. For research purposes, here is the login information:
    Moore High School Media Center Homepage
    SIRS Discoverer
    username: ok0502
    password: 73160
    EBSCO Host
    username: mooreschools
    password: password
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    Number: 81010
    In English III, we are covering:
    The Roaring 20s and F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
    "The Great Gatsby" Reading Schedule - 2018
    -All novel work can be located on the link to the left
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    Number: 81010 
    Name: Shawn Elmore Conference/Plan: 1st Hour
    Email: Shawn Elmore GO LIONS!!!! 
    Hour (Time) Subject Room
    0.) 7:18 - 8:15       Open 518 
    1.) 8:20  - 9:17 Plan 518
    2.) 9:22 - 10:22 English II 518
    3.) 10:27 - 11:24 English II 518
    4.) 11:20 - 12:26 
    LUNCH: 12:26 - 1:11
    English III 518
    5.) 1:11 - 2:08
    English III 518
    6.) 2:14 - 3:11
    English III 518
    Co-Curricular Assignments: