Welcome to Ms. Reed's Page 
    Name: Danielle Reed

    Hour                         Subject

    1. 8:20-9:17             Conference/Plan

    2. 9:22-10:22           English III

    3. 10:27-11:24         English III

    4. 11:29-12:26         English III

    5. 1:11-2:08            AP English Literature and Composition

    6. 2:14-3:11            AP English Literature and Composition 

    Students, we have a Google Classroom page where you can login to find out what happened each day in class, assignments, and other important documents and information. You can also download the Classroom App to your phone.

    English III Google Classroom Code: pilqb5                English III Syllabus

    AP English Lit Google Classroom Code: 2ktgy0e        AP Lit Syllabus