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    Name: Mr. Rick Street Conference/Plan: By appointment
    Phone:  405-735-4686  


    SJH v. HWJH Football Game

    Tuesday, September 18


    6:45 PM – meet at the Ticket gate at the back field at Southmoore High School football stadium.  You will see myself and Mr. Church there.  You are responsible for getting yourself and your instrument there and home.  The game starts at 7:15 and will last approximately one and a half hours.  Make arrangements to have your ride there at 8:45 to pick you up!

    This will be our first football performance EVER!!!!!  Hope you are all excited to showcase all that you have worked extremely hard to perform.  Make sure you prepare the next couple of days to have your best performance!

    1. Dress will be something with Southridge on it and either jeans or shorts (our polos may be in for that game!)
    2. Make sure you tell your family and friends! We need an audience and your hard work is deserving of an appreciative one. 
    3. Make sure you are at the stadium on time, we will need that time to make final preparations for your performance. If you are on time you will have a great performance, if you are late then there will be distractions that might cause you to have a less than desirable performance.
    4. In case of rain the performance at the game will be cancelled (I will send a remind text out if the game is going to be cancelled.)

    Mr. Street



    7th Grade Beginning Classes

    Text @2fe4bk to 81010


    8th Grade Band

    Text @hf992 to 81010



    Important Dates/Concert Performances

    Monday, August 20th:                                        7th Grade Parent Meeting

    Time:  6:30pm

    Location:  SJH Bandroom


    Monday, August 27th:                                        8th Grade Parent Meeting

    Time:  6:30pm

    Location:  SJH Bandroom


    Monday, August 27th:                                        Instruments are brought to school by 7th Grade students


    Tu1esday, September 18th:                                8th Grade Football Game v. Highland West

    Time:  6:30pm                                                  (This game will be in conjunction with the Highland West Band)             

    Location:  Southmoore Stadium


    Friday, September 21st:                                     8th Grade Night with the Southmoore Band

    Time:  4:00pm                                                  (You will report to the high school at 4:00pm and watch rehearsal,

    Location:  SHS Bandroom                                   dinner will be provided by the band parents, transportation to and

                                                                            from Southmoore will be provided.  Parents will need to drop you off

                                                                            and pick you up at Southmoore.)