12 Powerful Words

  • 12 Powerful Words
    Larry Bell
    The 12 Powerful Words are listed below, along with a short phrase you can use to
    help your child learn these words.  These are words that frequently give students more
    trouble than others on important tests. They are words that cause students to have to think
    at higher levels.  We encourage you to  use these words at home, and help your child
    understand their meanings. The 12 powerful words will give your child an edge in test
    taking and in life. Do all you can to give them that edge.

    Word                         Meaning

    Trace                               List in steps

    Analyze                            Break apart

    Infer                                Tell what is meant that is not written

    Evaluate                          Judge

    Formulate                       Create

    Describe                         Tell all about

    Support                           Back up with details

    Explain                           Tell how

    Summarize                     Give the short version

    Compare                        Tell how things are alike

    Contrast                         Tell how things are different

    Predict                            Tell what will happen next