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    Saturday, August 18, 2018

    Beginning Band
    Get information for your first year in band here: Brink Beginning Band

    All Region Band Music
    For next year's 8th grade.  Most audition material comes from the Rubank Advanced Method.  Audition List

    Advanced Band - Class Book
    Advanced Band members will need Foundations For Superior Performance for class this year.  It can be purchased at Gilliam Music in Norman or Penders Music in OKC.

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    All Bands - Stay Informed!
    Remind - Receive updates through safe texts.  On your smartphone, open your web browser and go to one of the following links.  Follow the instructions to sign up.
    For Advanced Band, go to: rmd.at/fcb6849
    For Beginning Band, go to: rmd.at/brinkband6
    Twitter - Follow us @brinkbobcatband   

    Beginning Band - Practice Reports
    Starting Monday, September 5, beginning band students will keep a record of their practice times at home for a grade.  Practice records will be turned in each Monday.  The first due date will be Monday, September 12.  
    Download Practice Record

    Additional Information
    Please check the Band Calendar for rehearsal and contest dates. 
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