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    Wednesday, November 22, 2017

    All Bands - Upcoming Events
    Nov 17 (Fri)      Group Pictures for all bands.  Advanced Band wear band shirt.
    Dec 7 (Thu)      Beginning Band Concert in new Brink Gym.  Warm-up at 6 PM.  Concert starts 7 PM.
    Dec 14 (Thu)    Advanced Band Concert in Westmoore Auditorium.  Warm-up at 6:15 PM Concert starts 7 PM.
    Dec 19/20        Semester Test - See below

    Advanced Band - Concert Uniform
    The Advanced Band will wear a Concert Uniform for the Decemaber concert, as well as for Spring semester concerts.
    There is no uniform for Beginning Band.

    Advanced Band - Full Band Rehearsals
    We will have two full band rehearsals before our December concert.
    Nov 30 (Thu), 2:30-3:30 PM
    Dec 7 (Thu), 2:30-3:30 PM

    All Bands - Semester Test
    December 19 & 20
    The Semester Test for both Beginning and Advanced Bands will be a written test covering musical terms and note names.  Beginners will be able to use their band books for reference during the test.  
    Go to Documents for Study Guides (See Note Names and Music Terms Review)

    All Bands - Study Audio
    Advanced and Beginning Bands can listen to audio of their concert pieces here: Study Audio

    Beginning Band - Book for this Year
    You can get next year's book, Essential Elements, at Gilliam or Larsen Music.
    Essential Elements  

    Advanced Band - Book for this Year
    You can get next year's book, Foundations for Superior Performance, at Gilliam or Larsen Music.

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    All Bands - Stay Informed!
    Remind - Receive updates through safe texts
    Advanced Band - go to rmd.at/brinkb and follow the instructions to sign up.
    Beginning Band - go to rmd.at/fcb6849 and follow the instructions to sign up.
    Twitter - Follow Us!
    We now have a twitter account: @brinkbobcatband   
    Follow us to receive band information.

    Beginning Band - Practice Reports
    Starting Monday, September 5, beginning band students will keep a record of their practice times at home for a grade.  Practice records will be turned in each Monday.  The first due date will be Monday, September 12.  
    Download Practice Record

    Additional Information
    Please check the Band Calendar for rehearsal and contest dates. 
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