• Brink Band
    Brink Jr. High Band

     Time  Subject  Room
    8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Westmoore Band (asst.) Westmorre H.S.
    9:45 AM - 10:40 AM Adv. Brass Brink Band Rm.
    10:45 AM - 11:10 AM 1st Lunch Brink Band Rm.
    11:15 AM - 12:10 PM Beg. Woodwinds  
    12:15 PM - 1:10 PM Adv. Woodwinds/Perc. Brink Band Rm.
    1:15 PM - 2:16 PM Beg. Brass/Percussion Brink Band Rm.

    Beginning Band
    Beginning Band classes are designed to teach the student with no prior experience on an instrument.  Beginning Band students are usually 7th graders.  General music knowledge is taught along with step-by-step instruction for that student's instrument.  A demonstration concert will be given in December as well as a more formal concert in the late Spring.  Beginning students have an opportunity to participate in a solo & ensemble contest in the Spring if  they are ready.
    Advanced Band 
    Advanced Band classes are for students who are ready for the next step on their instrument.  Advanced Band members are usually 8th graders but 7th graders with prior experience are also welcome.  Instruction on technique and tone production continues but there is more emphasis on different forms of band literature.  Advanced Band students will perform at pep assemblies, at least one football game, a parade, and several concerts.  They will have the opportunity to participate in all-region band auditions and solo & ensemble contests.  At the end of the year Advanced Band students will be prepared to enter the high school band program.
    Jazz Band
    This class will start in November and will meet once a week after school.   Jazz band is open to all 8th graders and select 7th graders.  Students are taught jazz, rock, and Latin styles and will learn characteristic pieces.  Students will also have the opportunity to experiment with jazz improvisation.  The jazz band will perform at a concert with Westmoore and Moore West in the Spring.

    Band Room Procedures
    • Show respect for instructors and other students.
    • Show respect for school property and others personal property.
    • Have all materials needed for class each day.
    • Be on time for class and all performances.
    • No gum, food or drink in band room.
    • Have your name on your instrument & music books.
    • Take your instruments home EVERY NIGHT to practice.
    • Do your best each and every day.


    • Verbal warning
    • Time out and point deduction from weekly grade
    • Detention, parent contact and point deduction from weekly grade
    • Office referral, parent contact and point deduction from weekly grade
    Grading Scale 
    1. 40% - Daily Grades
    2. 50% - Tests/Performances/Extra Rehearsals
    3. 10% - Semester Test
    1. Daily Grades
    Daily grades consist of class participation grades for all band members and practice reports for beginners.  Failure to arrive without daily band supplies will result in a deduction from their weekly grade.  If instrument is being repaired please bring a note signed by a parent or a receipt from the repair man.  Any disciplinary action resulting in the student being removed from rehearsal will result in a deduction from their weekly grade.
    Daily Band Supplies  You must ALWAYS come to your class with the following:
    • Instrument
    • Necessary materials for that instrument (reeds, mouthpiece, etc.)
    • Pencil
    • 1" Black binder with plastic protective sleeves
    • All Music and Musical Studies
    • Any assigned method books
    • ANY additional handouts


    Practice Reports (Beginner Band Only) Practice reports will be kept each week, signed by a parent/guardian, and turned in each Monday. Blank practice reports are available from Mr. Ortega or from the Brink Band website. Grading will be as follows:
    • 30 minutes a day = 100
    • 20-29 minutes = 90
    • 16-19 minutes = 80
    • 15 and below = 70


     2. Tests
    Tests for beginners are usually given on a weekly basis. Advanced band members will be tested at the beginning of the year and then once at the end of each semester. Semester tests are given to all band members and will count twice. Playing test criteria includes: Articulation, Rhythm, Tempo, Pitch, and Tone. The band directors will announce any tests at least two days in advance.
    Performances and Extra Rehearsals 

    The Brink Jr. High Band is a performance organization. Performance dates are listed in the calendar. Attendance at all performances is mandatory and each student will receive a performance grade. If you have an unexcused absence, you will receive a ZERO for that performance.

    In order to maximize teaching effectiveness the Advanced Band is split into two classes: brass/percussion and woodwind. During concert season (starting in November) rehearsals for the entire band will be scheduled on Thursday afternoons. Attendance policy is the same as that for performances.

    If there is a conflict with another school activity, please contact Mr. Ortega. It is the band’s policy to work with other school organizations in order to allow a full experience at the junior high.
    3. Semester Tests
    At the end of each semester a summative test is given in band.  The fall semester test is written and includes musical terms and note names.  The spring test is a playing test that includes scales.
    All students must meet criteria for academic eligibility as set by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (See High School Rule 3 in OSSAA Rules.)  A student must be passing all classes that he/she is enrolled in to be eligible to participate in competition. The first week a student is failing in a subject he/she will be on probation for the following week. During this week they may continue to compete with the band. However, if they are not passing at the end of the week of probation or are failing in another class they become ineligible to compete with the band.

    The school district provides transportation for all band students to authorized out-of town events. All students are required to ride the buses provided by the district to and from the event. Students may ride home from events only with their own parents. Teachers do not have the authority to release students to anyone other than their parents. The students will be chaperoned by adults on each bus and are expected to follow Moore Public Schools' Guidelines for Bus Conduct.  Students who fail to follow those rules will be subject to disciplinary action.
    The following instruments must be acquired by the student for band: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet or Cornet, Trombone, and Percussion Kit.  For more information see "Acquire an Instrument" on this page: Brink Beginning Band.  Also see Recommended Instruments
    School-Owned Instruments

    The Moore School District owns a limited number of the larger, more expensive instruments. Instruments furnished by the school are French horn, euphonium, tuba, oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, and tenor and baritone saxophone.  Students will be for major repairs that occur as the result of accident or abuse during the course of the school year.

    Instrument Storage

    Students should take their instruments home with them at the conclusion of each school day. Without adequate practice on the part of each student outside of class, their musical growth is hindered. Aside from the concern for individual improvement, security of any instrument left overnight in a school building cannot be guaranteed. Moore Public Schools assumes no responsibility for any individual's instrument left overnight in a school facility. 

    The band staff makes every effort to impress on students the value of their instrument and its proper care. To guard against damage or loss through theft or negligence, we offer these suggestions:

    • Find and use a safe place in the home to store the instrument away from siblings.
    • Keep a record of your instrument including make, model, and serial number and identifying marks.
    • Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine if musical instruments are covered when they are away from home.
    Instrument Repair
    Mr. Geoff Clifton, the assistant band director at Southmoore, is a licensed repairman and does the repair for the school-owned instruments at Brink.  If your instrument needs attention, you can get it to him through Mr. Ortega or contact him directly at geoffreyclifton@mooreschools.com.
    Music Store Service
    Gilliam Music Company will deliver music supplies (reeds, valve oil, etc.) and pick up instruments that need repair.  Gilliam Music is located at 2280 West Main, in Norman.  You may call them store for service at 321-0080.

    Students are allowed to have cell phones on their music stands if they are using a tuner app.  See Music Apps for Smartphones on the Links page for recommended tuners.  They are not allowed to use phones for texting or social media purposes.

    Advanced (8th Grade) Band
    • Blue Jeans
    • Band T-Shirt
    • Tennis Shoes
    Concert - Boys (See Concert Uniform)
    • Black slacks
    • Black dress shirt w/ collar
    • Black dress shoes and socks
    • Black neck tie (optional)
    Concert - Girls (See Concert Uniform)
    • Black slacks or skirt (ankle length)
    • Black long sleeve blouse
    • Black dress shoes
    Beginning (7th Grade) Band
    There is no official uniform for the beginning band.  However, when we have our beginning concerts in December and in the spring, we expect band members to dress nice.  For boys that usually means slacks and a nice shirt (coat and tie is optional).  For girls either a dress or skirt/slacks with a nice blouse.  There are no specific colors to wear.

    Band offers other opportunities for performance outside normal classroom instruction and full band performances.
    CODA All-Region Band Auditions - Open to all advanced band members and select beginners.  Students compete against other muscians in the region for membership in a band that will perform at the University of Oklahoma in January.  Auditions are normally held the first Saturday in November at Edmond Santa Fe High School.  Audition material is available in May.

    Solo & Ensemble Competitions - Open to all advanced band members and select beginners.  Students perform by themselves or with a small group in front of a judge.  Students who earn superior ratings receive a medal.  District Solo & Ensemble is in late February or early March.  We sometimes schedule another one for April.

    Private lessons allow students to perform at a higher level, enhances personal satisfaction and diminishes frustration.  Many of our top performers take private lessons with a highly qualified instructor. 
    For a list of private brass and woodwind instructors, contact Mr. Ortega 
    For percussion private lessons, contact Mr. Smith

    If you have any questions, contact Mr. Ortega at school during his planning period at 735-4557 or e-mail Mr. Ortega 
    Please check this website regularly for up to date information about classes, events, etc.
    Make sure you also acquaint yourself with the Moore Public Schools Handbook for this year. 
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