Library Beautification Wish List

  • Dear Parents,
         I am very blessed and thankful to be working with your child at Brink.  My goal is to foster the love of reading to each of the students. My desire is for the library to be a welcoming and comforting place that your child will enjoy visiting. I am working on redecorating the library, to give it a more inviting appeal. My first project I want to achieve is to design a reading area with the cozy,warm, and comfortable feel of a vintage library. The following are some of the items I will be acquiring for this project. If you have any of these items collecting dust or taking up storage space :) that you would like to donate to the library it would be very much appreciated.
                                                                             Thank you,
                                                                              LMS Tina Clinton
    1.  a big vintage style clock to hang on the wall.
    2.  sconces and candles
    3.  mantle items ( items that would adorn a fireplace mantle)
    4.  a LED electric fireplace
    5.  a vintage area rug
    6.  greenery
    7.  any style of bookshelves or tables