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    Name: David Wall

    Conference/Plan: 6th hour 1:15-2:16

    Email: David Wall  

    also before 7:30 am or after 2:30 pm

    Teacher Phone: call or text to (25WALL1) or 259-2551



    Period  (Time)



    1st    (7:40-8:45)

     Pre-AP 7th

    2nd   (8:50-9:45)

     General 7th 

    3rd    (9:50-10:45)

     Team taught 7th 

    4th    (10:50-11:45)

     Team taught 7th 

    Lunch "hour" (11:50-12:15)

     Yum Yum Taco Bell

    5th    (12:20-1:15)

     General 7th 

    6th    (1:20-2:16)



    Co-Curricular Assignments:


    7th grade Volleyball Asst. Coach






    The Future is ours!!! 

     (video about why you have Science class) 



    . Welcome to 7th grade Science .

    Please consider this website as a helpful resource for your learning experience in our class this year.  Use it often to remind you of activities and deadlines, find worksheets or lab to download, link to information covered in class, or just share your explorations in science at home and with friends in the blog. 


    Of course you are expected to be prepared for class but if you need a spiral, they are available in our room for just 10 cents.  Pencils are 25 cents.

     Textbook Log-in


    Communication is critical.  I try to make use of every avenue for open dialog to connecting parents, students, classmates, and myself to assist each other in reaching our goals and achieving our best.  Email is probably the best form but another opportunity is through a site called edmodo.com.  It’s a bit like Facebook but with safeguards to allow only students within a specific class to connect and have a forum for discussion about classroom activities and projects.  Work can be saved in the “backpack” element (saves like a flash drive in the cloud) and questions can be posted on the newsfeed for help from classmates.  Parents can also ask for a code to allow you to monitor your child’s contributions to the site without compromising the privacy of other students.

    Of course, you can also contact me through the same process.  Another opportunity is my Google phone number.  I don’t give out my personal cell phone but my “Teacher Phone” is 25-WALL-1 or 259-2551.  Calling this number will result in one or more of these results:  reach me on my cell if I’m available, send me a text and voicemail if I’m unavailable, and it sends an email to my computer that I can reply to you as a text.  This creates just one more line of communication to improve our ability to achieve.

    qr contact

    . Make-up Lab/Office Hours schedule .

    A different day each week I will be available for tutoring, make-up work, open lab times, etc. after school from 2:20-3:20 where students can stay working the whole time and then turn in as many assignments as they like for 75% or replace test grades with retakes. Students are to sign up on the board beforehand and make arrangements for rides afterwards.  They must stay in the room and have something to work on (even HW for another class) for the whole time.  An unlimited number of science assignments may be turned in at the end of the time for 75% credit while the class is still on that unit.




    Week of

    Day of week


    October 30


    August 21



    November 6


    Sept 4



    November 13

    Tuesday and Thurs

    Sept 11



    November 20


    Sept 18



    November 27


    Sept 25



    December 4


    October 2



    December 11


    October 9



    December 18

    Finals Week

     October 16





     October 23




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