Characteristics of Gifted

Characteristics of Gifted Students

  • Reacts positively to new, strange or mysterious elements in his/her environment 
  • Persists in examining and exploring stimuli to know more about them 
  • Is curious, investigative, asks penetrating questions 
  • Has unusual approach to problem solving and unusual solutions 
  • Is independent, individualistic, self-sufficient 
  • Is imaginative, fantasy-creating, a storyteller 
  • Possesses superior powers of reasoning, of dealing with abstractions, of generalizing from specific facts, of understanding meanings and of seeing relationships 
  • Is full of ideas, verbal, has conversational fluency 
  • Prefers complex ideas; is irritated or bored by routine 
  • Can occupy time usefully without being stimulated 
  • Has a strong and persistent sense of humor 
  • Had early walking, talking, reading, etc. 
  • Is superior in the quantity and quality of vocabulary as compared with other children of his/her own age 
  • Has great interest in the nature of humanity and the universe or origins and destiny 
  • Is interested in puzzles, mazes, etc. 
  • Special skills in music, dance, sports, drawing, painting, construction and technical pursuits, leadership, puppets, plays, chess, judo, Mastermind 

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