•  10/11/17  NJHS Meeting Agenda

    • Service Points
      1. You will have 5 service points due each semester next year (3 with activities sponsored by NJHS and 2 outside activities) for a total of 10 minimum for the year.
    • Coming Opportunities for Service Points
      1. Parent/Teacher Conferences 10/17 evening and 10/19 morning
      2. Candy for Red Ribbon Parade
      3. Making posters for Red Ribbon Parade-after school on 10/23
      4. Red Ribbon Parade 10/28 morning
      5. Food Bank 11/18 afternoon
      6. Shop with a Cop-wrapping presents for kids 12/9 morning
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
      1. Volunteers for guiding parents needed Tuesday night, Oct. 17, from 3pm-6:45pm
      2. 2. 5 service points- Sign up sheets outside Mrs. Ellis 202 or Mrs. Micue 303
        1. You will be fed dinner
    • You can just stay after school in Mrs. Micue’s room until it starts if you want
    1. SCHOOL dress code clothing
    2. We also need water bottles for the meal before conferences (for teachers and volunteers)- Points will be given for water brought- 2 pts for a 12 pack (bring to MRs. Ellis or Mrs. Micue)
    1. Volunteers for guiding parents needed Thursday morning, Oct. 19, from 7:15 am-10 am
      1. 4 service points
      2. Mrs. Micue will bring donutes
    • Meet in Mrs. Micue’s room
    1. SCHOOL dress code clothing
    • Candy/Posters for the Red Ribbon Parade
      1. We need candy to take to the parade- small bags earn ½ point, large bags one point and super large bags 2 points
      2. Bring to Mrs. Micue or Mrs. Ellis WITH YOUR NAME ON THE BAG IN MARKER!
      3. We will be making posters for the parade on Monday, Oct. 23 after school until about 3:15- 2 points for attending and helping make posters. We will also give 1 point for posters made and brought- see Mrs. Micue for instructions on what we need.


    • Red Ribbon Parade October 28
      1. We are walking in the Red Ribbon Parade on Saturday, October 28th.
      2. We will meet at NW 5th and Broadway at 9:30 am
      3. The parade ends at the Station just south of SW 4th and Broadway and your ride needs to be there between 10:45 and 11 am (we are estimating our time to be done).
      4. 3 points for walking in the parade (no points given if you are required to walk with another group, but see Mrs. Micue if you have volunteered to help another group).
    • Food Bank November 18
      1. We will be working at the OK Regional Food Bank on November 18 from 1:30pm to 4 pm – YOU provide your own transportation and be there by 1:15 and be picked up BY 4 (your ride needs to be there promptly at 4).
      2. 4 points for this
      3. Were clothes appropriate for working in (we may be boxing cans, sorting bread, bagging frozen vegetables, etc.) and NO OPEN TOED shoes!
      4. Permission slip required for students. Parents are welcome to work also!

    NJHS stands for Honor and all our members are looked upon as leaders in the school so your behavior should reflect that. Be a positive influence on others in academics and your conduct! (Behavioral problems or failure to make a 3.5 GPA this semester will result in your being put on probation with a set time to correct the problem to be taken off of probation).