HWJH Band Handbook




    Highland West Junior High Band

    Handbook and Policies for Students and Parents


    Dear Band Student and Parents,


    Welcome!!!  We are very pleased that you have chosen to be a part of the Highland West Junior High Band. After reading this handbook, please return the parent acknowledgement sheet and the medical consent form to the band director.


    Parent communication is extremely beneficial to the success of the band program. Please feel free to contact the band director(s) at any time. Thank you for your dedication to the Highland West Band program. We look forward to a successful year!


    Beginning Band


    This ensemble is open to all 7th grade students.  Students are led through staff guided instrument placement. Student interest, previous musical experience, physical characteristics, addition/removal of braces, and ability to hear pitch, are all considerations in instrument placement. It is our goal to provide the student with the best possible match in order to ensure success and maintain a positive attitude toward music. Students will use Sound Innovations by Alfred Publishing as the beginning band book. Once a student has chosen band as an elective, the expectation is for the student to remain in band for the duration of the school year. Our program is a cumulative progra[1]m that does not allow for remediation of students who choose to drop band for any amount of time.


    8th Grade Concert Band


    This ensemble consists of 8th grade students.  Concert Band is open to all students that have successfully completed and passed one full year (2 semesters) of the beginning band program.  All transfer students must first complete an audition with the director to confirm enrollment. This audition may be waived for in-district transfers, based upon recommendation from the previous director. Students will use Foundations for Superior Performance for the 8th grade band book.



    Students who have a D or F in a class outside of band will be expected to raise that grade. The director may require these students to bring homework to band and complete it during class rather than play their instrument. This decision will be up to the band director and the student will be expected to communicate the situation with parents.


    Band Room Rules


    1. Always be on time and have your supplies (instrument, book, pencil, music, etc.)
    2. Respect your fellow band members, their property, and all equipment in the band room.
    3. Do not touch anything that does not belong to you or has not been checked out to you.
    4. No gum, food, drinks, or electronic devices in the band room, unless authorized by the director.
    5. Always have a nametag on your instrument case.
    6. Always display a cooperative attitude concerning music, hard work, and learning.
    7. Only band students are allowed in the band room. Students are responsible for instructing their friends to remain outside of the band room.
    8. Directors, guest clinicians, student teachers and any other school employee left in charge of the class or a section will be treated with respect and courtesy.
    9. Percussion instruments are off limits to any non-percussion students. No exceptions.
    10. Students are to leave instruments in the band room shelves during the school day, and take them home each evening for practice.


    Behavior Modification Steps

    1. Verbal or non-verbal warning.
    2. Conference with Mr. Church to implement behavior modification plan.
    3. Reductions of appropriate grade. Call to parent if deemed necessary.
    4. Assignment of band room cleaning duty, lunch detention, before or after school detention, and call to parent.
    5. Referral to principal and probable removal from band program


    The director reserves the right to proceed immediately to step #5 in the case of severe or threatening student conduct.


    Performance Rules


    1. Each member is responsible for his/her equipment at all times, including performances.
    2. Students will be in proper uniform upon arrival, and until dismissal.
    3. Students will be polite audience members and refrain from any distractions including using cell phones, electronics, books, homework, yelling, whistling, etc. These items may be confiscated and the performance grade lowered.
    4. Students will not be dismissed early from any performance event for any reason other than a medical emergency. Students must remain as audience members for the duration of the performance. Conflict arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance with the director. Unexcused students leaving early will receive a performance grade reduction.
    5. The standards mandated by OSSAA, Moore Public Schools and the Highland West Band Program will be used to determine a student’s eligibility for performances. 
    6. Rehearsals outside of the normal school day may need to be scheduled in preparation for concerts and contests. These rehearsals will be kept to a minimum, and will be announced well in advance.


    Performance Attire


    The correct attire is required in order for students to receive the full performance grade.


    Attire requirements are kept to a minimum. Polo shirts will be ordered for 8th grade students through the band director.


    8th grade Performances

    • All formal concert events:
      • Black Button-Down Collared Dress Shirt Shirts must be tucked in when appropriate.
      • Black Dress Pants (No black jeans, sweats, etc.)
      • Black Socks (boys) and Black Dress Shoes (no flip-flops etc. or black tennis shoes)



    • All outdoor events (8th grade):
      • HWJH Band Polo Shirt – tucked in
      • Jeans or Shorts (director will specify dependent on weather conditions. No athletic or cheer shorts.)
      • Tennis Shoes (no flip-flops)


    • 7th grade Performances
      • Black dress clothes.
        • Gentlemen – Black slacks and collared shirts (long or short sleeved). Shirts tucked in. Black dress shoes and black socks. (No jeans, shorts, sweats, flip-flops/sandals, ties, etc.)
        • Ladies – Appropriate dress clothes including LONG dresses, or a combination of black slacks and dress shirt. Black dress shoes. (No jeans, shorts, flip-flops, etc. Open toed dress shoes are acceptable.


    The director may reduce performance grade or refuse participation due to offensive, distractive, or overly-revealing clothing. This will result in a grade reduction for absence from a performance.


    Instrument Repairs and Purchases


    Damage to school owned equipment will be charged to the student and a financial hold placed on the student’s grades if appropriate. Often, minor repairs on student-owned instruments can be done by the director.  Please consult your director before sending an instrument in for repairs.


    Instrument Colors and Material

    Colored instruments are not allowed. Flutes must be silver. Clarinets must be black. Saxophones must be gold or silver unless they are Cannonball or Selmer brand. Brass instruments must be gold or silver colored and must be made of brass (metal), not plastic.


    Changing Instruments


    Unless it is suggested by your band director, instrument changes are not allowed. Once a placement is made and progress begins it is often detrimental for the student to change. Occasionally the director may ask a student to try another instrument, usually in their instrument family. In these cases, the student possesses a particular attribute that would make him/her a candidate for the instrument. It is in these cases only that a student will be asked or allowed to change instruments.


    Percussion Policy


    7th Grade Percussion

    Students are selected through audition and director approval to be percussionists and must be enrolled in 7th grade.

    The following prerequisites will be beneficial for percussion auditions:

    • Previous experience on a treble clef instrument (not recorder) and an understanding of basic musical notation (notes and rhythms).
    • Ability to maintain high academic and behavioral achievement (can the student be trusted to stand during class without causing disruption).

    Teacher recommendation may be obtained from any elementary teacher by the band staff. Auditions will take place during the first few days of school in August. Those students wishing to enroll in the summer band program as percussionists may do so, but are NOT guaranteed placement in the percussion section. When purchasing a bell kit for summer band, please check with the music store regarding their return or exchange policy. Generally they are happy to apply the paid credit towards another instrument.


    8th Grade Percussion

    Students must successfully complete at least one year of percussion study within the Highland West Band Program. Transfer students must provide contact information for the previous band director and complete an audition before placement in the advanced bands and the percussion section. In-district transfers may have this audition waived based upon recommendation from the previous director.


    School-Owned Instruments


    The Highland West music department does not maintain an inventory of instruments to loan to each student. Most students will be expected to provide their own instrument.  However, French horn, baritone, tuba, oboe, bassoon and bass clarinet use school owned instruments.  Percussion students use their own bell kits but also use the school owned percussion instruments and will submit the necessary paperwork and fee beginning in 8th grade.


    Students will supply the necessary mouthpieces, reeds, oils, sticks and mallets. Students must complete an instrument check-out and use form and pay a $50 instrument maintenance fee each school year that the instrument is used to help defray general maintenance costs. Fees will be due by September 1st



    Fundraisers are kept to a minimum of only a few a year. All parents and students are asked to participate as fully as possible. Funds generated are crucial to management of the program for contest fees, equipment, music, mail outs, etc.


    Contact Information and Band Web Page


    www.mooreschools.com – follow the links to Highland West, then Co-curricular, then band.

    www.southmooreband.com – This site will provide information for SHS bands.


    Byron Church, Director, Highland West Bands    735-4611      byronchurch@mooreschools.com

    Rick Street, Director, Southridge Bands                                      rickstreet@mooreschools.com          

    Adam Mewhorter, Director, Southmoore High School            adammewhorter@mooreschools.com

    Geoff Clifton, Asst. Director, Southmoore High School           geoffreyclifton@mooreschools.com


    Remind App for Text Message Updates

    Text @hwjh7band to 405-796-0220 for 7th grade band information.

    Text @hwjh8band to 405-796-0220 for 8th grade band information.


    Southmoore High School Band


    Occasionally, junior high band students may be invited to participate in activities with the Southmoore High School Band. In such an event, students are expected to maintain the highest level of behavior. All guidelines listed in this document remain applicable. Again, band is a cumulative class. Therefore, any student dropping band during junior high may be denied enrollment in high school band at Southmoore. The band staff will be the final authority regarding this.

    Grading Policy, 7th and 8th grade bands




    • All performances will be for a grade of approximately 30% - 50% of the total running grade at the time. Performances are highly important for our progress and vital to student success. Participation is absolutely mandatory. Absences will result in a zero. 7th grade will have 3-4 performances per year. 8th grade will have approximately 10-12 performances throughout the year. The band director is the final authority concerning excused absences from performances. Any student who skips a performance may not earn a passing grade for the semester. This decision will be made by the director. Any missed performance will require a research paper to recover points in the gradebook.


    Musical Progress

    • Playing tests shall be administered worth 100 points. This will be individual assessment. The director may require remedial re-testing on material that is not adequately prepared. Frequency will fluctuate depending on the time of year (approximately one per week).
    • Students will be asked to commit daily time to practice. Students must practice at home and work hard in class to maintain the required playing level. At any time during the year, the director may request practice cards. These must be signed by a parent/guardian.
    • Written assignments and tests may be occasionally assigned and will be graded on content, grammar, punctuality, and length. Point values vary.
    • Semester tests will count for 10-20% of the final grade and may consist of written, playing, counting, or public performance.
    • Extra Points may be earned by auditioning for and participating in events such as All-District Honor Band, solo/ensemble events, or by achieving a playing level above what is required.



    • Quizzes are worth 10-50 points. These may be included under the Musical Progress heading in the Infinite Campus gradebook. Approximately 300-500 points per semester may be earned.
    • The band director may quiz students each day after the warm-up. The material for the quizzes will consist of skills currently being rehearsed in class or skills learned in previous lessons.
    • The director may check each student at any time to ensure they have all materials needed for class and may assign an appropriate quiz grade to reflect the student’s preparation for class.


    Daily Participation and Conduct

    • Students will receive 5 points daily for participation in class. Absent students will be exempted from that day’s daily points. Students present in class, but not participating will not receive points. Points may be deducted to reflect the offense chart listed on the following page.
    • A student with a consistently low conduct may be considered for removal from the program.
    • If a student misbehaves in a manner that would result in a deduction of more points than were possible during a given week, the director may reduce previous daily grades to reflect the infraction.



    Student Conduct/Performance Chart

    Point Reduction


    All possible

    Unexcused absence from a performance in addition to zero for the performance grade.

    All possible

    The use, possession, or being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco (student will also be referred to administration in accordance with the Moore Public Schools’ Drug and Alcohol Policy)


    Marking or defacing any wall or equipment


    Improper uniform at a performance


    Failure to have music at a performance


    Unexcused tardy to any performance


    Handling band equipment or instruments not assigned or belonging to you


    Chewing gum while in the band room, rehearsal, performance, or in uniform. Food or drink in band room.


    Failure to put away instrument, equipment, or any other supplies properly


    Talking or otherwise disturbing the rehearsal


    Lack of all equipment necessary for rehearsal (instrument, music, etc.)


    Littering the band room

    Discretion of Director

    Any activity not listed above that causes a disruption of the learning process or further hinders the progress of the band as a whole.


    HWJH General Classroom Expectations for Conduct


    1. Be respectful of yourself, others, and your school.
      • Think of and present yourself in a positive manner.
      • Speak and listen respectfully to adults and fellow students.
      • Be courteous by displaying good social manners. (“Please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, etc.”)
      • Do your part to help keep our school campus clean and attractive by disposing of trash properly and taking care of school property such as furniture, equipment, computer labs, etc.


    1. Be on time to class.
      • Use passing time wisely by taking care of school business matters such as going to your locker for class materials, taking a restroom break, or getting a drink of water rather than wasting time socializing.
      • Walk rather than run through the hallways. Safety affects everyone at school.
      • Enter the classroom before the bell rings and get ready for the lesson.


    1. Be prepared. Bring your planner, work materials, and completed assignments.
      • Always have your student planner, paper and pencil, textbook, and homework for class.
      • Expect to stay in class once you arrive.
      • Get started on bell work as soon as you enter the classroom.


    1. Be cooperative with the school staff. Follow policies in the 2017-2018 Student Handbook.
      • Recognize that every staff member is an authority figure in the school and deserves cooperation and respect.
      • Read, study, and review the Handbook throughout the year to know what is expected of you as a student by the MPS School Board and HWJH staff.


    Classroom Management/Intervention Plan


    1. *Verbal Warning
    2. Teacher/Student Conference
    3. Lunch Detention(s)
    4. Before/After School Detention(s) with Parent Contact
    5. Referral to the Principal

    *Severe Behavior Clause: Students will be sent to the Principal’s office immediately in case of major disruption or violations such as fighting, conduct which threatens the safety of others, vulgarity, flagrant harassment/bullying, public defiance of authority, etc.

    Highland West Band Guardian Permission Form

    Please turn in completed forms by August 29, 2018


    1. _____________________________________ has my permission to participate as a member of the Highland West Band Program.


    1. I agree to permit my student to participate in all performances, additional rehearsals, and other events that have been approved and sanctioned by the band staff.


    1. I am aware that band can sometimes be a strenuous activity and to my knowledge, my child is physically able to participate.


    1. My signature below constitutes consent for my student to be transported as necessary in vehicles authorized by the school (bus, van, suburban, etc.) to participate in band functions.


    1. I understand that participation in band may result in a monetary investment, including a $50 band fee for the year, and these investments must be accepted and met.


    1. I understand that my student will be asked to participate in occasional fundraisers throughout the year and that I am liable for the cost of all items received by my child. I further am aware that I am liable for the cost of these items in the event my child loses or fails to turn in the correct amount of money or returned items. 


    1. I understand that my child agrees to properly maintain all equipment issued by the school to the student. I agree to purchase all materials that provide for the maintenance and proper use of this equipment.  I understand that I am to incur the full cost of either repair or replacement should this equipment become lost or damaged while it is in my child’s care. 


    1. I understand that my child’s picture may be taken for posting on Highland West Band recruiting, promotional, or instructional materials, or on the band website.


    ______ Initial here if you DO NOT want your child’s picture used for these purposes.


    1. I grant permission for my child to be treated and/or hospitalized by a licensed physician if any emergency arises.


    1. I understand that I and/or my child may sign up for the Remind Text Message Updates as a convenience only, and that the service DOES NOT replace personal responsibility regarding the band schedule. Students are expected to attend all required events regardless of receipt of text reminders. I understand that the service is designed as a one-way communication only.


    1. By signing this form, I agree that I have read and agree to all terms listed in the HWJH Band Handbook as found at http://www.mooreschools.com/Page/14542




    ______________________________                  _______________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                 Date


    ______________________________                  _______________

    Student Signature                                             Date


    Required Emergency Information


    ______________________________                  _______________                     ________________

    Emergency Contact Name                                 Emergency Phone                     Emergency Cell


    Optional  Emergency Information


    If you feel any of the following information would be beneficial in the event of an emergency, please list.


    Any Medication Being Used ______________________________________________________


    Allergies ______________________________________________________________________


    Special Health Problems in past____________________________________________________


    Other? ________________________________________________________________________


    Family Physician ___________________________Physician Phone_______________________