• Welcome! 
    In addition to teaching math, I am also the NJHS Sponsor, Moore West Jr. High Dance Coordinator and Webmaster.   For all dances I will need help in the following areas:
    • Setup - Each person will be asked to help setup lights, decorations, tables, set out food, collect tickets and money, covering the tables, photographing area and other necessary setup as needed.
    • Takedown - Each person will be asked to help take down the lights, decorations, tables, food, photographing area and other areas. The greatest amount of help and assistance is needed in THIS area.
    • Chaperoning - Each person will be asked to observe the students attending the dance to monitor inappropriate behavior as well as assisting with any activities related to that dance which would include things like holding the Limbo stick, judging the costume contest, etc.
    I welcome any and all in helping to support our students in all endeavors!
    I am also the webmaster, if you have any ideas please let me know!