7th Grade Science
    Mrs. Donna Haworth 

    Welcome to science at Moore West Junior High. I know this will be a fun, exciting, and challenging year for all of us. If you have any questions, problems, concerns, or need additional help on assignments, come and talk to me. Science this year will cover a variety of topics from all areas of science including: earth science, physical science, and life science.                                               

    Supplies: 1. PLASTIC folder* or 3-ring binder that can be left in class if requested, 2. 2-rolls
                         of clear scotch tape**, 3. 1- composition book, 4. 1 package of 3 X 5 index
                         cards**, 5. Pencils, and  6. loose-leaf notebook paper 
    *The folder with notebook paper and the composition book should be brought to class everyday along with a pencil!
    **Index cards and tape will be added to class supplies for all to use. 
    When working on an assignment, please keep the following things in mind:
       1. All work is done in pencil, NO PEN!!
       2. All questions are answered in complete sentences unless otherwise instructed.
       3. A sentence will not begin with "It", "They", or "Because".
       4. Each student completes his or her own assignments.
       5. Thought and effort should always be included.
    Grading procedure:
    In science, your grade is based on total points that are posted to a weighted system(General Science = 60% Daily Work, 30% Tests/Quizzes, and 10% semester test—Pre-AP is 50% Daily Work and has 10% for Projects added). Grades will be based on the following assignments:

    Daily Work , Study Guides, Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Projects, Notes, and Extra Credit (assigned at teacher’s discretion)

    Some unit tests/quizzes can be reworked by students for half-credit per item.  This rework may need to be done outside of class time but in the classroom.

    Absent Work:

    If you are absent for any reason, you are expected to take responsibility for finding out what you missed and how to make it up. Check the assignment board on the south wall of the classroom or assignment calendar online. It is your responsibility to arrange a time to make up the work. I will be available almost every day after school by appointment. Absent work that is not made up will be counted as a zero.