• 7th Grade Science Assignments
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    If a student is absent for any reason, they are expected to take responsibility for finding out what was missed and how to make it up. They can check the assignment board or calendar. It is their responsibility to arrange a time to make up the work. I will be available almost every day after school. Availability may be subject to change depending on which days I have duty or meetings. Absent work that is not made up will be counted as a zero.
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    If an assignment is below a 80%, students may ask to redo them.
    1.    Approach your teacher to make arrangements to redo a particular daily  assignment. Instruction on how to complete the redo will be given.
    (Not all assignments may be redone.  Ask before you redo.)
    2.  Ask before/during/after school or promptly before class to schedule a redo.  Schedule the redo with your teacher as soon as possible.  TIME IS NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM REGULAR CLASS TIME UNLESS YOU ARE FINISHED WITH OTHER DAILY WORK.
    3.  Understand it can only be completed for homework or in your teacher’s class outside of class time.
    4.  The ORIGINAL assignment must be re-submitted to your teacher for a redo to be counted.  
    *All redo work is due by the day of the unit test.
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    Whenever possible, absences should be avoided. Making up missed instruction in science is hard-- labs and discussions cannot be replicated, but they are crucial to understanding. An assignment calendar is kept on the south wall and also online. The best attempt is made to keep it up to date each day. When absent, a student should first check the assignment calendar and NOT a friend. As good as friends are, the answer is often "nothing" when asked what took place in class. If notes were taken, a copy will be in the class notebook/journal. If a handout or assignment sheet was given, a copy will be in the assignment crate in the classroom. If a lab was done or part of an investigation, the student MUST make arrangements to make up the work. The assignment or notes can often be printed from the assignment calendar online.
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