• Interested golfers should contact the appropriate coach:

    Girls Coach: Athena Mathis  

    Boys Coach: Dylan Hopson

    2017 J.H. Boys Golf Schedule:                                            2017 J.H.Girls Golf Schedule: 

    3/21/17 – Deer Creek Tournament                                      3/22/17 - Monroney Golf Tournament

    3/24/17 – Edmond Summit Scramble                                 3/23/17 - Edmond Summit Girls Invitational Scramble Tournament

    3/28/17 – Guthrie Tournament                                            3/27/17 - Mustang Girls Tournament

    3/29/17 – Monroney Tournament                                        4/3/17 - Choctaw Invitational Tournament

                                                                                                    4/10/17 - Stillwater Girls Invitational Tournament


    Golf is perhaps the greatest individual sport.  The lessons learned on a golf course such as determination, perseverance, how to handle setbacks, and many more will carry any young golfer forward throughout a lifetime. 

    The Jr. High Golf program is designed to be a Jr. High Golfers first introduction to a Varsity style golf setting.  This is a competitive golf program, and my goal is to make each golfer a better tournament player.  Any golfer that comes out will be welcomed and I will help to teach the golfer as much as I can.  To truly reach max potential, golfers should look into lessons from a certified PGA of America Teaching Professional, and Oklahoma has a well-respected group throughout the state.

    Athletes must provide their own clubs and transportation to and from Earlywine Golf Course for practices daily.  There is a cost of $3.25 per token for range balls, and a student fee of $6.00 for days that we play on the course.  The district does provide transportation to and from the tournaments for the athletes. 

    Practices:  Practices begin on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, weather permitting, at Earlywine Golf Course.  We will start at 2:45pm and end no later than 4:00pm, unless we are on the course.  On days we are playing, we will be off the course no later than 5:30pm.  Practices will be divided into short game, and range time, and we will try to work each aspect of the golf game, each day.  In the event of inclement weather, an announcement will be made at the school site by as to whether or not we will practice.  If the forecasted temperature is below 50 degrees, practice will automatically be canceled.  (This will be determined by the 10:00pm weather forecast on Channel 9). 

    Eligibility to Participate:  Prior to beginning practices, each athlete must have a physical dated after May 1, 2016.  If your athlete competed in another sport this school year, and the athletic facilitator has the physical, you do NOT have to get another one.  All participation paperwork must also be filled out electronically on the website  There are 7 forms:  Emergency Consent, MPC Concussion Acknowledgment, Insurance & Consent to Travel, OSSAA Eligibility, Participation Packet, HB2615/NCAA Amateurism, and OSSAA Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  These form DO have to be filled out again, even if done so already for another sport.  Upon completion a roster will be sent to each Jr. High facilitator, for weekly grade checks.

    Tournaments:  Tournament rosters will be determined by qualifying scores.  Qualifying will be based on scores of a 3 to 5 hole qualifying round.  The top two scores from each tournament will automatically qualify for the next tournament.  As of now there will be 3 confirmed tournaments, and I am waiting to hear back from one other, so a total of 4.  By state rules, golfers at the Jr. High level are only allowed 4 tournaments, and they must be completed before state testing begins. 

    Qualifying Rules:

    ·      Double Par Stroke Limit

    ·      Each player is expected to keep the score of everyone in the group

    ·      Scorecard must be signed

    ·      Play the ball up one grip length no closer to the hole, except on the green or in a sand trap

    ·      USGA Rules apply

    ·      13 minute time limit per hole

    o   First violation will result in a 2 stroke penalty for the hole

    o   Second violation will result in Disqualification.