Coaches:   7th grade head: Brittany Crook                       8th grade head: 
                  7th grade assistant:                                      8th grade assistant: Elaine Stollstimier
    Sign up for RemindFor the latest updates and information text “@wmjh7” to 81010 (7th grade)
                                                                                                         "@mrsstollst" to 81010 (8th grade)
    Required forms: Rankone sport electronic forms (click to download) 
     ***Athletic forms on rankonesport.com must be completed before participation.
    If you are experiencing problems with Rankone please contact Phillip Tucker
                        Home game times: 

    7th JV starts @ 4:00

    8th JV starts @ 4:30

    7th Varsity @ 5:00

    8th Varsity @ 6:00


    Home game location: Brink Junior High 
    2018 Westmoore Junior High Volleyball Schedule (click link to download)
    Frequently Asked Questions:
       1. Are there tryout? Every student will practice and continue to learn throughout the season. Removal from the team will be due to violation of a team, school, district, or state rule.
       2. How much will I play? Playing time will be determined at the coaches' discretion.
       3. How will the coaches determine which team I make? Many factors determine a student's placement: skill level, attitude, effort, attendance, leadership, among others.
       4. Why do some kids play more than others? Please see questions 2 and 3.
       5. How many kids will make each team? Approximately 9-10 kids will be placed on each team (7A, 7B, 8A, 8B) 
       6. Can I choose my position? You may be asked to play a position other than the one you are playing outside of school, depending on team needs. 
       7. Does it cost anything to play? No. Students will need to provide their own shoes, socks, knee pads, and shorts. Jerseys will be issued and returned at the end of the season.
       8. Is there a bus to away games?   Yes. Students are required to ride to away games on the bus but may be checked out from the game by a parent or legal guardian. Students are not permitted to be checked out by a non-parent/non-guardian. 
       9. What if I'm ineligible? Eligibility is determined by OSSAA and Moore District rules. Students determined to be ineligible will retain the opportunity to practice but will not participate in competitions. 
       10. What do I have to do to participate and join? Receive a physical after May 1st, complete all necessary forms on the rankone website, maintain school grades, attendance, and behavior.