• Scheduled Meetings Timeline: The following dates are tentative and may be subject to change. Please be flexible. Attendance is required for participation. If you miss any meeting, you forfeit the right to complain about any changes made while you were gone. Coach must be notified in writing (via Remind, email, or written note) for it to be excused. Unexcused absences result in a demerit.  Ten demerits results in the removal from the team.  Meetings are from
    2:25 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in room 110 (unless noted otherwise). It is important that students are picked up promptly. 
    Meetings are on Tuesday's for the rest of the year, unless otherwise noted here.
    February 27th
    March 6th-- no meeting, Faculty meeting
    March 13th
    March 20th-- no meeting SPRING BREAK
    March 27th--no meeting, Faculty meeting
    April 3rd-- meeting added, since Faculty meeting was moved to March 27th  NO SCHOOL
    April 10th--  NO SCHOOL
    April 17th
    April 24th--no meeting, Faculty meeting
    May 1st 
    MAY 8th!  4:00-6:00
    Penultimate meeting of the school year!  Let's celebrate and welcome our new incoming 7th graders that have already been accepted! Movie DAY!!!!  
    May 15th-- Regular time. Since we had a special guest on the 8th---Let's finish the movie. 
    February 1st
    FEBRUARY 3rd Competition in Talequah  THIS IS A SATURDAY
    February 6th
    February 8th-- No meeting Haworth has a STEAM Extravaganza
    February 13th-- No meeting Haworth has a meeting
    February 15th
    February 16th- STATE Championship in SHAWNEE (excused absence) THIS IS A FRIDAY
    Feburary 17th- STATE Championship in SHAWNEE  THIS IS A SATURDAY 
    January 4th-- no meeting-Haworth has appointment
    January 9th---
    January 11th---- Cancelled
    January 16th---Cancelled, Haworth not at school
    January 18th
    January 23rd
    January 25th
    January 30th
    December 5th-- no meeting-- Faculty Meeting
    December 7th
    December 9th Competition in MOORE at Southridge This is a Saturday
    December 12th  Sorry Haworth out Sick
    December 14th-- no meeting- Haworth has appointment
    December 19th-- no meeting SEMESTER TEST TIME!!
    November 2nd 
    November 7th-- No meeting-- Faculty Meeting
    November 9th
    Noveber 14th
    November 15th- THIS IS WEDNESDAY!!! make up for missing the 16th and prep for competition on Saturday
    November 16th-- no meeting--Dr Appt for Haworth
    November 18th Competition in Muskogee This is a Saturday- I'm driving down the night before and staying at a hotel near the mall
    November 21- No meeting- NO SCHOOL
    Novermber 23- No meeting- NO SCHOOL
    November 28
    November 30
    October 3rd--- no meeting-- Faculty Meeting
    October 5th
    October 10th
    October 12th-- no meeting-- Haworth Dr. Appt
    October 17th-- no meeting Parent Teacher Conferences
    October 19th no meeting-- no school- Parent Teacher Conferences/Fall Break
    October 24th
    October 26th
    October 31st-- no meeting-- Halloween!
    September 7th
    September 12th
    September 14th
    September  19th
    September  21st
    September  26th
    September  28th
    May 4th-- first meeting for new members!
    May 11th
    May 18th   Cancelled due to Band Concert Prep Session and Team Captains (and a large chunk of the club) being in Band. 
     Summer Meetings:  (BRING SNACKS!)

    June 2nd

    - 9 a.m.- noon

    June 9th

    - 9 a.m.- noon

    June 16th

    - 9 a.m.- noon  Due to flooding and flooding clean-up at WJH in the 100 building, the Robotics meeting on June 16th has been canceled. Stay tuned about upcoming scheduled meetings.

    June 23rd

    - 9 a.m.- noon- Canceled due to restoration crews still working in the building.

    June 30th

    - 9 a.m.- noon