Grading Policy:

    1. We expect all assignments to be turned in on the due date.


    2. Students will be written in the discipline book if they do not have the assignments at the time they are collected, and will stay in for study hall to work on the late assignment. 


    3. Students will not be allowed to return to the homeroom to retrieve an assignment, or call for someone to bring an assignment. The assignment will be considered late.


    4. Any late assignments will be deducted by 20 percent for the first 2 days after it was due. Example: If an assignment is due Tuesday-the work must be in by Thursday for 20 percent off.


    5. Assignments late by more than 2 days will be 50 percent off the graded score. Assignments over 1 week overdue will receive a 0. Absolutely no homework will be accepted more than a week late.

    Example: If an assignment is due on Tuesday, the following Monday is the last day it can be turned in for a grade.  


    6. *Graded papers will go home in Thursday folders; it is the student’s responsibility to make any corrections and get them in by the following Monday. ALL redo papers are at the discretion of the individual teacher. ALL GRADED PAPERS WILL COME BACK IN THE THURSDAY FOLDERS, ON FRIDAY, TO BE FILED.


    The Sixth Grade Team


    Mrs. Breton                                     Mrs. Johnson            

    Mrs. Verschueren