• Concurrent Enrollment 

    Concurrent Enrollment enables students to earn college credit while still in high school! This is often a savings of 60-75% reduced rate of college of tuition depending upon the school of choice. See your counselor for details.
    • Students first consult with their counselor for a Concurrent Enrollment Form to be signed by their principal, legal guardian, and their counselor stating that they are eligible to satisfy requirements for graduation from high school no later than the spring of their senior year.  
    • Students should request their official transcript from our Registrar in the Main Office. Students may also register at to access or send their official transcript as needed.
    • As of July 2005, the Oklahoma State Regents will pay tuition (not fees/books) for a concurrently enrolled high school student. 
    • Juniors may also apply. See your counselor for details


    • University of Oklahoma: 24 ACT or 1090 SAT OR 3.0 GPA and top 30% class rank
    • Oklahoma State University: 24 ACT or 1020 SAT or 3.0 GPA and top 33% class rank
    • Regional Universities: 20 ACT or 940 SAT or 3.0 GPA and top 50% class rank
    • Two-Year Colleges: 19 ACT in Reading or Math, or 900 SAT or 3.0 GPA