VISTA Academy Jr. High School 7th & 8th Grade


    Main Office: 224 SE 4th Street
    Moore, Oklahoma 73160
    405-735-4640 (Fax: 405-793-3062)


    Office Hours: 7:30am to 3:00pm

    Cafeteria Phone: (405)735-4642


    School Hour: 7:45am to 1:55pm



     Principal: Hart Brown
    Secretary: Shannon Jarvis
    Attendance: Jessica Guillen
    Counselor: Melissa Kitch
    Registrar/Secretary: Pat Sears 



    The VISTA Academy is designed for 7th and 8th Graders who are enrolled in a Moore Public School. The program is designed for individuals who are identified as "academically at risk." Each student applying to the program must submit a valid transcript, standardized test scores, discipline record, attendance record, number of classes passed, academic standing, a referral request form from the home school principal, and attend an in-take interview. Students with excessive discipline problems will not be admitted into this program. Students and staff strive to prepare students for successful return to their home school.  Each program has a comprehensive and systematic intake and screening process to determine the appropriateness of student placement.  A major part of the process is the involvement and commitment by the parent/guardian throughout the students' tenure in the program.  This commitment includes contracts between the student, parent and the program staff.  The contract addresses issues regarding attendance, productivity, and behavior. The intake committee is comprised of student, parent/guardian, sending school teachers, counselor, and administrators, receiving alternative program teachers, counselor, and administrators, and juvenile justice representatives if applicable.
    The VISTA 7th and 8th grade program is a full-day program in which teachers encompass several research based teaching initiatives to assist students in becoming more successful academically and behaviorally at VISTA and as they return to their home schools.  To facilitate this, VISTA utilizes Great Expectations teaching model, Forge't note taking, Character Education, cooperative learning, behavior modifications reward program, Connie Dembrowsky's Affective Skill Development Program and Accelerated Reader.  Upon entering the program students are placed on his/her individual reading level and encouraged to read as many books as possible.  A Media Center is established that is continually updated with current fiction and non-fiction books, encompassing a variety of reading levels.  Students participate in the five basic core classes of Reading, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math daily, as well as one six week block class.  VISTA 7th and 8th grade students have an entire computer lab with 15 computers for their use.  Keyboarding is a class offered to all students during their six week block classes.  Yearbook/Newspaper, PE, Art, Adaptive Communication, and Career Exploration are the other classes offered.  All Students are required to stay for a mandatory study hall after school if they are behind in assignments.  Additionally, all teachers are available at that time for extra tutoring as requested by students and parents.  Finally, students are presented once a week with instruction from an Artist-In-Residence through an Oklahoma Arts Council Grant.  Students also make use of the computer lab, as well as community speakers and the media center.
    Required Expenses for VISTA Jr. High Program:
       * Student ID's $10.00 each
       * Agenda $10.00 

    Class size will be smaller to allow teachers more time to work individually with students (1-15).



    The Moore Public School District creates a safe environment for all students in an atmospher of open communication and mutual respect.  We engage students in stimulating academic challenges and in postive social interaction so they will become contributing members of society.

    We believe that all students can learn. We believe that students who choose to set personal educational goals and who work toward these goals with positive support can and will be successful.

    It is our intent to prepare our students to be productive and responsible members of society.

    We understand that each student has different talents and abilities. Consequently, our efforts to help students become productive and responsible individuals must take these differences into account.

    We encourage respect for individual rights of all people by treating students with respect and equality.

    We stress academic skills that will prepare students to return to their regular school and be successful. 


    Counseling services are offered to all students in a variety of methods.  Besides individual counseling for students in crisis, the counselor meets with groups bi-monthly throughout the school year.  Topics covered include classroom behavior, abuse, conflict resolution, grief/crisis intervention, sexual harassment, gang education, anger management, procrastination, alcohol, drugs, stress and bereavement.  Students are also presented with information from outside speakers and agencies that visit the campus.  A yearly field trip is made to Moore-Norman Technical Center to explore career opportunities.
    Cooperative learning and being part of a problem solving community is practiced every other week at the Moore Community Center gym with use of the Challenge Master curriculum.  The students throughout the year complete community service projects.  Students adopt a local nursing home and make cards to deliver for all the major holidays, conduct a food drive for needy families for the Christmas holidays, and they collect items year round for Blue Star Mothers, an organization that sends items to military personnel serving in Iraq.


    Students are expected to behave responsibly and maturely. Failure to maintain proper conduct can result in dismissal from the program and the student will return to their home school. Rules of discipline that are stated in the School Student Handbook must be observed.


    The Moore VISTA  7th and  8th  Academy differs from the regular school setting in several ways. The program's uniqueness is apparent in the design and delivery of curriculum, the discipline procedures that will be implemented, and the management of the program.  While students will study a curriculum similar to that of the regular school, they will benefit from the use of an Integrated Learning System, from thematic units, and from team teaching, all of which will enhance their study of Social Studies, Mathematics, English, Reading, Science, Art and Music.  The Moore VISTA Academy Alternative Program puts a premium on building the self-esteem of its students by providing them successful experiences both academically and socially.

    The Moore Public Schools will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or veteran.


     Serving students since 1994.