Caps, Gowns and Announcements


    Caps, Gowns and Graduation Announcements (Graduation Merchandise) must be ordered through Jostens/Stanley’s Graduation Services (SGS).  Jostens/SGS will be at Southmoore on September 24th to talk to the Seniors during their Senior English classes about caps & gowns, graduation announcements, and other graduation merchandise.  Jostens/SGS will be at Southmoore on October 2 thru October 4 from 11 AM to 2 PM and on October 2nd from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM to take graduation merchandise orders.   If you do not order your cap & gown or graduation merchandise during those times, you will need to contact Jostens/SGS.  Orders may be done online at Jostens.com
    Caps & gowns and other graduation merchandise will be delivered on Tuesday, March 26th & Wednesday, March 27th from 11AM to 2PM in the Small Gym Your balance will be due when you picked up your merchandise.
    In order to participate in the commencement ceremony, all Seniors must wear a Cap and Gown.  If you do not order your cap and gown or do not pick them up, you will need to contact Jostens/Stanley’s Graduation Services.
    You may order online at Jostens.com  


    You may call Stanley's Graduate Services at (405) 607-4343.