End of year diploma and transcript pick-up



     Diplomas & Grade Pick-Up 

    2018 DIPLOMA's may now be picked up.  Transcripts are a legal document and require the student to pick them up. Through the summer, a parent or guardian, with proper Id. may pick up the diploma, but when school starts back, only the student may pick them up.   All fines, charges and obligations must have been paid before the diploma will be awarded.

    **If you are a past graduate and have not picked up your diploma, you may come to the Registrar's office and sign for your diploma. You must show a picture Id. Parents/siblings/spouses may NOT pick them up. All obligations must be met.  DIPLOMAS CANNOT BE REPRODUCED, AND COPIES ARE NOT KEPT ON FILE.  The legal documentation of graduation and academic record is the official transcript.
    Prior Southmoore graduates can pre-order their transcripts by coming by the school and signing up in the registrar's office or doing so online. Transcript cost is $1.00 per copy. If you are a former graduate and have not picked up your diploma, they are available in the Registrar's office and must be picked up & signed for by the graduate only.  Hours are:  M-Th 8-11:30, 1:00-3:00.  Transcripts are ready for pick up the next business day