Social Studies Websites
The websites listed below offer numerous classroom resources such as lesson plans, original documents, technology-based activities, authentic assessments, etc.  You will also find links to our professional organizations which offer an abundance of resources for teachers.

Professional Organizations


National Council for the Social Studies                           
Oklahoma Council for the Social Studies
National Geographic Society
Association of American Geographers
National Council for Geographic Education
Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education
Organization of American Historians
National Council for History Education
Oklahoma Council for History Education
Oklahoma Council for Economic Education
Law-Related Education
Oklahoma State Department of Education

History Resources


Power Point Palooza
Mr. Donn's Social Studies
APUSH PowerPoints
AP US History Question of the Day
History Teacher Net
History Resources
Historic Maps
Multiple Presentations
American Revolution
Revolutionary War
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
PJ Apple's Social Studies Bookmarks
Smithsonian Institution
Oregon Trail
The Constitution
Constitution Amendments
US History 1450-1871
American Memory-Library of Congress
Library of Congress Online Exhibits
AP European History
Best of History Web Site
American Civil War
Racial Satire and the Civil War
Civil War
Cold War Documents
Digital History
Tooning into History
Federal Resources of Excellence
Freedom Documents
Global History
National Archives
US Dept. of State-Historian Office
Oklahoma Indian Tribe Education Guides
Celebrate Oklahoma
Oklahoma History
Oklahoma History
Oklahoma History
History of Oklahoma
Oklahoma History 2
Oklahoma Historical Society
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma Atlas
Oklahoma Capitol Art Work
U.S. Holocaust Museum
Power Points U.S. Since 1877
Social Sciences
Lesson Plans and Resources
Grade 8 Social Studies Library
Grade 5 Social studies Library
Social Studies Library
The History Place
Yahoo History Directory
United States History
US History Power Points
The Biography Channel
Black History
The History Channel
PBS Resources and Video Collections
History through Art--National Gallery
History of Asian-Americans
The World and I
Teaching with Historic Places
Major World History Eras
World History and Culltures
High School U.S. History
Think Quest-for students by students
Native American Culture
World and American History
5th Grade/4th Geography
Colonial Williamsburg
Mount Vernon
Virtual Tour
Social Studies Library



6th Geography
Geography Websites
Geography Games
PJ Apple's Social Studies Bookmarks
Geography Games and More
Geography Power Points

Lessons from Discovery School

World Mapper
Nation Master
State Master
Satellite Images
Online Map Games
Lessons and Resources
Lessons and Strategies



Lesson Plans & 
Interactive Games & Activities
Government Lesson Plans from Techmology
Elections and Voting Lessons
Dirkson Congressional Center
Our Courts by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
The Constitution