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    Mrs. Bates

    Third grade

    Best time to contact: 2:50-3:35


    Email: Desiree Bates

    Our Schedule

    9:00-9:30 - Morning Work
    9:30-10:45 - Reading
    10:45-11:45 - Math
    11:50-12:40 - Lunch/Recess
    12:45-1:30 - Language Arts/Vocabulary
    1:30-2:15 - Social Studies
    2:15-2:45 -  Science
    2:50-3:35 - Music/Art/PE
    3:35-3:45 - Wrap Up 


    Dear Parents,

    Hello! My name is Desiree Bates. I am so excited about the upcoming school year. Your child will be participating in many exciting activities this year. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.

    Homework: Any work not completed in class will be brought home each night in a homework folder. It should be completed and all work should be brought back in the homework folder the next day. Any special notes you need to see will also be inside this folder as well as the reading log. Please feel free to check your child’s work and have them correct it.

    Reading Log: A new reading log will come home in your child’s homework folder each month. Your child is required to read 20 minutes each night or 100 minutes each week. They may choose anything as their reading material. The reading log will be checked each Monday for the required reading minutes. Please sign the reading log each week so your child may receive class money.  If the reading log is not filled out and signed your child will owe a reading recess on Monday.

    Thursday Folder: This folder will contain all your child’s work that has been graded.  Please sign and return it with the Trails Tracker the next day.

    Vocabulary: We will have a vocabulary test every other week. Vocabulary lists will be given out on Monday. I will also post the new vocabulary lists online.  You can access them on the Heritage Trails website under my name.

    Accelerated Reader (AR): Your child will be responsible for a accumulating a certain amount of points each nine weeks. Points will be determined at the beginning of each nine weeks. I will write how many AR points they need for each week and whole nine weeks on their library card and it will available to them to see every day. There will be a reward at the end of the nine weeks for those students who received their points.  Students are encouraged to bring their library books home each night. AR tests can be taken at any time. Students will be able to go to the library once each day.