• Mrs. Lee

    Third grade

    Plan Time/Best time to contact: 2:50-3:35

                                 Email: Shannon Lee                                          
                             Our Schedule                                         
                                         9:00-9:30 Morning Work

      9:30-11:00 Reading/Vocabulary

    11:00-11:50 Language

    11:50-12:15-Lunch  12:15-12:40-Recess

    12:40-2:00 Math
    2:00-2:50 Social Studies/Science
    2:50-3:35 Music/Art/PE
    3:35-3:45 Pack Up
    Work:  Any work not completed in class will be brought home each night in a work folder.  It should be completed and all work should be brought back in the work folder the next day.  Any special notes you need to see will also be inside this folder as well as the reading log.  Please feel free to check your child’s work and have them correct it.  Students who receive a “D” or an “F” will have the opportunity to correct their paper.

    Reading Log:  This will come home every day in your child’s work folder. Your child is required to read  100 minutes each week.  They may choose anything as their reading material as long as they are reading it themselves.  It is due on Monday morning.  The week will start over again on Monday and go until the following Sunday. They will be rewarded at the end of each week for having read the required minutes.  Please write down the title and minutes read each day.  It should be signed only once and points totaled after your child has read 100 minutes. 

    Thursday Folder: This folder will contain all of your child’s work that has been graded. Please sign and return it empty the next day.

     Accelerated Reader:  Your child will be responsible for a accumulating a certain amount of points each nine weeks.  Students will have the opportunity to belong to different clubs according to how many points they receive during the nine weeks.  Students are encouraged to bring their library books home each night.  AR tests can be taken at any time after their work is finished. They can go to the library every day to checkout. They can read any level book but can only take a test on their own level. If they want to take a test on a higher level book they must bring me a note from you stating that they have read the book and understand it.

    Discipline: We will be using a point system on Class Dojo. You will be able to see positive and negative behavior. If there is a more serious situation I will call you or send an email\Dojo explaining the situation.