• Accelerated Reader/Book Report Expectations

    REVISED (as of 9/8/16) Fourth Grade

    Accelerated Reader/Book Report Expectations



    Reading is a skill that is developed through consistent practice.  It is vital that your child read every night.  Just as with sports, dance, cheer, or learning a musical instrument, practice is extremely important to developing that particular skill.  Reading is no different.  I encourage every student to read at least 20-30 minutes a night.  In addition to consistent practice in reading at home, I will also be utilizing the Accelerated Reader program in our reading class.  The following are highlights of both Accelerated Reader expectations and book report expectations that will be required this year.

    1. Using the STAR reading assessment, students will be given an individual goal for Accelerated Reader points they will be required to obtain per quarter. This is assuming students will read at least 20-30 minutes each night.  While there may be some time in the school day for students to read quietly, it is not a guaranteed opportunity.  It is imperative that they read outside of the class and outside of the school day.  If students are not reading at night, it is easily seen in their performance on these assessments.  The more they read, the more they progress. 


    1. Students may take a quiz on a book they have read that is within their reading range (ZPD). They just simply ask to take the quiz and may take it when time permits.  Students are not allowed to take tests during a lesson.  If a problem arises with taking tests, I may put stipulations on where or when tests may be taken. 


    1. I will take two Accelerated Reader grades during each nine week period. One grade will be for the percentage of points earned.  For example, earning 16 points of a 20-point goal will result in a grade of 80% (80% of 20).  The other grade will be for the comprehension percentage.  Students should score 85% correct or higher on tests.


    1. Periodic notifications will be sent home throughout the quarter to inform parents of their child’s progress in meeting their goal.


    1. Students that achieve their quarterly AR goal will be invited to attend a pizza party during lunch on a designated day. Students will be required to bring their own drink.  Other rewards are listed on the back of this page.


    1. Students will be required to complete and orally present a book report every quarter. I will be giving information on the project at the beginning of each quarter and it will be due at the end of the quarter.  Information on these book reports will also be posted on my website.  A TENTATIVE schedule is as follows. 


    First quarter – Mystery/detective

    Second quarter – Chapter book of choice OR a current or past Newbery/Sequoyah/Honor award

    Third quarter – Historical Fiction

    Fourth quarter - Biography


    Thank you for your support.  I look forward to working with you and your child.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at tracylouviere@mooreschools.com or stephaniesavage@mooreschools.com.




    Accelerated Reader Awards



    Quarterly Award:  For a student that reaches his/her AR goal by the deadline with 85% accuracy will be invited to a pizza luncheon.  On the designated day, students will be served pizza, chips, and a dessert during our lunch period.  They will need to bring their own drink with a twist-top lid.  Invitations will be given to the student.



    End of Year Awards:  The school-wide program to earn end of year AR awards will be in place again this year.  This year, the year-end awards will be varied.  More information on these awards will be determined at a later date.  However, the point ranges will be as follows.

    Reading 5 Sequoyah books and scoring 80% or higher on the AR test—certificate and party in media center

                AR T-shirt

    Students earning 125 or more points will earn an AR t-shirt.


                Hard Back Book:

                       Students earning 200 or more points will earn a hard-back book.



                            Students will earn a certificate for their participation in the Accelerated Reader   


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