Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Policy - Board Policy 7045 




    Grading Scale

    90 -      100    -   A
    80 -        89    -   B
    70 -        79    -   C
    60 -        69    -   D
    59 -                 -   F                       



    In order to receive credit for a course, a student cannot be absent more than ten (10) days each semester. Students with a passing grade,who exceed ten (10) absences in a semester, will receive a “no credit” (NC) on his/her transcript for the semester. Students without a passing grade will receive an F. Continued absences will fall under the district’s discipline policy. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances or school-related activities may be requested through the building principal. Reasonable effort will be made to notify the parent before a “no credit”is given due to excessive absenteeism. Two unexcused tardies constitute an absence for grading purposes.


    Ten (10) unexcused absences within a semester constitutes excessive and thereby may be reported to the District Attorney’s office. Two (2) tardies constitute one absence. A tardy is defined as a student not being in the classroom when the last bell has stopped ringing. The elementary school attendance policy falls under the umbrella of the general attendance policy. Continued attendance violations could result in a student receiving a failing grade for that grading period.

    Make-up Work

    Make‑up work for absences, which meet the attendance criteria above, will be considered for full credit. The number of days allowed to make up missed assignments shall equal at least the number of days absent.

    Extra-credit Work

    Extra‑credit work is for enrichment purposes, and not in lieu of regularly assigned class work. Work done for credit must be directly related to the curriculum.

    Grading Practices

    A comprehensive assessment such as an examination, project, or portfolio shall be included in the semester grade. The assessment shall count between 10-20% of the student’s grade. In order to establish consistency of grading practices within a specific course, each department shall develop a grading plan by the beginning of the 2004-2005 school year.

    It is the intent of this policy that consistent grading practices be established among courses of the same title and, when possible, throughout all courses within a department. The plan shall include a description of the comprehensive semester assessment, including the percentage assigned. The plan will also include a sample statement to parents describing the department’s plan for assessing and grading student achievement. Teachers may provide special accommodations for students with extenuating circumstances.

    Honors Credit

    Students who enroll in and successfully complete an honors/Pre-AP/AP course will receive one extra grade point based on a four point scale.

    Grades to be Recorded

    At least one grade per week in each subject should be recorded. All assigned work will be evaluated and considered in the total assessment of the student's work for his/her grade. Papers chosen from work representative of the student's general ability will be kept to justify grades recorded.


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