• Wacky Wish List:
    As the year goes on we can always use these supplies. 
    Some things on this list are for fun
    and some are for making math and reading games. 
    Thank you for all you do for our class and your child!!!!!
    Headphones for in Class Use
    ABC Beads
     Rechargeable Batteries AAA & AA
    Girl Band Aids
    Boyish Band Aids
    Large Bag Skittles
    Large Bag Plain M&M's
    Full Size Hot Glue Sticks
    Glitter (any color)
    Foam Stickers (for making patterns)
    Blank Cards
    Envelopes (all sizes)
    Velcro Sticky Back Dots
    Fun Shaped Sticky Notes
    Coloring Books (slightly used are good too)