Classroom Expectations
    doing work
    I try to keep my expectations simple for my students:
     1. I expect my students to work quietly.
    2. I expect my students to raise their hands and wait for me to call on them.
    3. I expect my student to listen carefully to instructions.
    4. I expect my students to stay in their seats unless they have permission to get up.
    5. I expect my students to follow directions the first time.
    6. I expect my students to keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
    7. I expect my students to finish their work.
    When students follow these expectations an amazing thing happens:
    Any behavior that prevents me from teaching or my students from learning will not be tolerated.

    ( The above rules may change this year after the first week of school.)
     This year I am using both Class Dojo and a clip chart in my room. I believe in positive reinforcement, but last year I noticed the kids weren't correcting their behavior with class dojo alone. I am adding the clip chart so the students can keep track of their behavior. Class dojo will be used primarily to communicate with parents and to inform them of their child's positive or negative behavior. I believe this will allow me to develop strong relationships with my parents as well as control and manage the behavior in my classroom.
    The way that class dojo works is simple. if a student follows the rules and is caught doing it they receive a point. If they do the wrong behavior or is disruptive they get a point taken away. At the end of each week the person with the most points gets to do a very special job in my class. They will be my zoo keeper. I gave away most of my animals last year so I will have new ones this year. they will be coming the first few weeks of school.
     How can this be beneficial to parents: Each week parents will receive an email indicating their students all around behavior. However, if they would like to check daily or even hourly they can download the app and do it anytime from their phone. This is also how parents can contact me as well. I like it because I look at this more than I do my email. It will send it directly to my phone. 
    If you have any questions or concerns my door is always open. E-mail me for an appointment at garybroyles@mooreschools.com.