• Welcome to Eastlake Sixth Grade!
    TOP TEN reasons why sixth grade is the coolest year...
    1. Sixth grade is the only grade in the school that gets to go to Camp Classen.  (Yippee!)
    2. Sixth grade will lead the school in community service projects throughout the school year.
    3. Sixth grade is the only grade that gets to make gingerbread houses in December.
    4. Sixth grade is the only grade with a special t-shirt just for our grade.
    5. Sixth graders can be helpers with teachers at recess.
    6. Sixth graders can help in the media center.
    7. Sixth graders can help with younger students at dismissal.
    8. Sixth grade is the only grade that plays in the teacher volleyball game at the end of the year.
    9. Sixth graders have the BEST class party!!

    and the last reason that sixth grade is the coolest year is....

    10.  Sixth graders are just AWESOME...period.

    I want this to be your best year ever. If you need help with anything, please let me know. 
     Email me to schedule a time for help.
    Most mornings I am at school by 8:15.