Program Goals For

    Moore West

    Physical Education


    The Physical Education program at Moore West is designed so that students can get exposure to and develop skills in activities that promote fitness, physical skill development, and social cooperation skills or teamwork.  The opportunity for this type of development will take place through daily fitness routines and a variety of units, games, and activities.  Students will also be involved in research and writing as it pertains to the fitness and activity topics we will be involved in with each unit.


    Units will tie together and build upon each other in each nine week section.  Each nine week section will focus on different course objectives.  One nine week section will focus on net/wall games where striking, serving, setting, spiking, and volleying will be the physical skill objectives focused on.  The other nine weeks will focus on invasion type games and field and court games which will have an emphasis on skills such as striking, fielding, passing, shooting, dribbling, and ball control.  The overriding goals for these activities will be on agility and coordination with loco motion along with teamwork.  Specific skills will be tested through a series of skill tests, although important, these test will not be emphasized as much in grading as they will in student feedback.  These skill tests will allow students to identify strengths and weaknesses in skill development.


    We will also have a fitness unit that will involve fitness testing in 6 categories.  These tests include the mile run to test cardiovascular endurance.  The shuttle run which test speed and agility.  The standing long jump which test explosive leg strength.  The sit and reach which will test flexibility.  The push-up test which will test upper body strength, and the sit-up test which will test abdominal strength.  These tests will be given 3 times a semester for 8th grade and 2 times in nine weeks for 7th grade and will be significant to the students overall grade.  The initial fitness tests will be given only to show students feedback on what their strengths and weaknesses are so that they know what areas to work on and show improvement in on the final test.  The final fitness test will be graded on performance and improvement from the initial test.  National standards have been set and that is what students will be compared to when given a score for each area tested.


    The overriding goal of the Physical Education program is to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle for all students by exposing them to a variety of activities and by setting fitness goals.  This gives students an opportunity work on fitness routines and to learn and develop skill in a variety of activities so that they might develop an interest and confidence in physical activities they might not have had before.  Our hope is to spark an interest in students so that they will strive for  a healthy and fit lifestyle.