Schedule is tentative and can change during the day.     cat                                               

    9:00-9:15- Bathroom Breaks/ Get organized (minutes vary depending on when they get here in the morning)
    9:15-9:40 - Procedure Review/ RtI /Rise-n-Shine (Fridays only) (about 25 minutes)

    9:40-10:00- Prepare to switch classes: pack totes, check agendas, work on/ask about homework (20 min) 

    10:00-10:35-Social Studies with Mrs. Black (35 minutes) 

     10:35-11:20– PE/Music

    11:20-11:30- (cont) Social Studies with Mrs. Black (10 minutes)

    11:30-12:35- Math with Mrs. Black (65 minutes)

    12:35-1:00- Recess / 1:00-1:25- Lunch 
    1:25- 1:40- (cont.) Math with Mrs. Black
    1:40-2:30- Science with Mrs. Rucker (45 minutes)
     2:30-3:35- Reading/Language Arts with Mrs. Rucker (65 minutes)
    3:35-3:46– Agenda Review/Clean-up/ Pack-up (11 minutes)
    3:46- Dismissal for Car riders only
    3:49- Dismissal for Walkers/Daycare 
    3:51- Dismissal for Bus riders
    Computer Lab time: Monday Math/Friday Reading
    Bathroom breaks are given 1 time with each teacher...For me it is between Science and Reading/Language Arts