• Cloud Sounds

    We begin the year with Cloud Sounds.  These are intended to be a review or what each child should know coming in to Kindergarten.  Uppercase & lowercase letters with the sounds they make are covered in our Pre-K program.  In kindergarten we do a short letter review and move straight to sight words.  Our Clouds are broken into 6 levels, with 5-6 letters in each group.  Once your child passes each level, they will move over to Rainbow Words.

    Rainbow Words

    I created our Rainbow Words by breaking the kindergarten report card sight words up into 6 lists.  Starting with the "purple words" and working up the rainbow.  Your child will work on an individual level as they progress up the rainbow.  

    Star Words 

    For even more practice I created Star Words.  These words are actually the first grade words, but hey we like to aim high in my class!!!