Mrs.Wheeler's Grade 2 Daily Schedule  (revised 2/8/18

    9:15-9:45am Morning responsibilities/ MATH Morning work/ Calendar/Class Rules review (Last Friday of month Rise & Shine at 9:15 in PE building) AR testing as morning work is finished 

    9:45-10:45 Wonders Reading and Language Arts- daily lesson instruction followed by practice with the Teacher (using Wonders Your Turn weekly pages and Wonders interactive stories online with Wonders weekly readers) "I'm Done" LA sticks as work is finished

    *10:45 restroom, clean up for lunch  (Library is Tuesdays 10:00-10:40)

    10:55-11:20 LUNCH      11:20-11:50 RECESS 

    11:50-12:00 Read Aloud story with Teacher on rug

    12:00-12:45 Computer Lab w/Mrs. Wheeler  Monday & Wednesday

    12:00-1:00 Envision Math Tues.,Thurs., Fri.  daily lesson instruction with Teacher using  smartboard lesson followed by independent practice page/workbooks/ "I'm Done" Math sticks or challenge half page math work as work is finished

    1:00- 1:15  Literacy Center Buckets (RTI Time)  Mon./Wed./Fri. ( review/practice of LA skills for all using games )

    1:00-1:30 Science/Social Studies Tuesday & Thursday w/Art integration 

    1:15- 2:15 Envision Math  Monday & Wednesday daily lesson instruction with Teacher using smartboard lesson followed by independent practice/workbooks/ "I'm Done" math sticks or challenge half page math work as work is finished 

    1:30-2:00 Friday Mystery Prize !!!!!    class celebration reward activity for great behavior! (extra class reward may be silent reading with cushions or silly sit reading with classical music on another day of the week too!!)

    *2:00 restroom, get ready for PE/Music/Technology

    2:15-2:55 PE or Music or Technology Class 

    2:55-3:10 SNACK (students bring own snack from home each day of the week - an easy way to do this is on Mondays put 5 small ziplock bags of snacks/or 5 prepacked snacks in your child's backpack and your child will be set for the week with their 5 snacks) This keeps food allergy concerns in the safe zone for our class

    3:15- 3:30 Read aloud story with Teacher on rug

    3:30-3:45 clean up- end of the day responsibilities/Homework folders Monday/Thursday folders Thursdays/Behavior folders Fridays (return all folders next school day empty)

    3:46 1st BELL Dismissal - car riders go out the back doors to car pick up area

    3:49 2nd BELL Dismissal - walkers & bike riders go out front doors

    3:51 3rd BELL Dismissal - School Buses & daycare buses go out front doors and Bobcat's aftercare go to cafeteria

     *these times may adjust *revised 2/8/18