• Classroom Procedures


                                              Line Procedures:

    Line up into a straight line at the front of the room.

    Face forward while leaving hands and feet to self.

    No talking while in line.

    Walk on the 2nd big tile on the right hand side of the hallway


    Bathroom Procedures:

    Go to bathroom and get a drink.

    – Be sure to be quiet in the hallway as well as the bathroom.

    Enter the classroom and sit down quietly.

    Get books, pencils, etc. ready for class.

    Students will not be allowed to leave during classroom instruction, unless there is an emergency.


    Fire Drill Procedures:

    Line up quietly and quickly into one line at the back door.

    Follow Fire Drill Escape Plan.  We line up in front of the building in the grassy area.

    No talking once outside.

    - Wait for name to be called and answer when your name is called.

    Re-enter building quietly.

    Resume normal class routine.


    Tornado Drill Procedures:

    Line up in one line at the front door.

    Follow Tornado Drill Escape Plan.  
    We will line up at the front of our room, kneel and place hands over
    - No talking.

    - Listen for any further instructions.

    Return to seat when instructed.

    Resume normal class routine.


    Computer Procedures:

    One person per computer unless otherwise directed.

    Headphones must be used when using sound.


    Library Procedures:

    Students may read books in the classroom during silent reading time.

    - We will go to the library once a week as a class.

     - Two (2) students at a time may also go to the library at the beginning of the day before morning announcements as well as during silent reading time.

    – Students are responsible for their library books.

    Students may check out two (2) library books at a time.


    Classroom Library Procedures:

    Students may read books in the classroom.

    Treat books with respect.

    Keep library area neat and orderly.

    Books may NOT be taken home.


    End of Day Procedures:

    Retrieve bags, coats, and lunch boxes.

    –Take your binder with agenda home daily