• Welcome to Mrs. Witcher's Kindergarten Class


    Dear Parents,

         I want to welcome you and your Kindergartener into my class. I am very excited to be your child’s teacher, and this will be an eventful year full of fun, and many learning experiences.  Our classroom will be a place where all children can learn and feel comfortable doing so.  In order for us to achieve our goals I am utilizing the following Expectation Plan.


    Teacher’s Promise

         As your child’s teacher I will do my best to provide the tools needed for student’s to gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning. I will provide parent’s with frequent communication about the progress of each child.


    Parent’s Responsibility

         A parent is the best predictor of a child’s success in school.  You can do so many things to increase your child’s success.  One is to keep absences to a minimum. Attendance is very important to helping your child retain the information they are learning. Another important thing is to help your child complete their assigned homework every night. The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do with your child every day is to READ, READ, READ.  The more time a child spends with books the more confidence they will gain and their reading abilities will increase.


    Student’s Responsibility

         Students should come prepared everyday.  This means homework completed and books returned daily.  Students should be familiar with the classroom expectations and practice them daily. 



    ·        First bell rings at 9:00 tardy bell rings at 9:15.  Students need to be in class before the tardy bell. The dismissal bell rings as follows for Kindergarten students only (other grade levels will be dismissed at later times): 
          -  Bus and daycare riders 3:45
         -  Kindergarten car riders and walkers 3:40
    • If your student is going home a different way then normal you must notify me (email or written note) or the office (email or call) by 3:00.

    ·        Breakfast is served between 8:45-9:00.  Students will not be allowed into the building before 8:45 without an adult.

    ·        If you are coming to visit your child during schools hours please check in the office first and wear your visitor pass.

    ·        Your child will need to be checked out through the office not through the classroom.


    I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year.  It is in your child’s best interest that we work closely together to ensure success!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the school at 735-4130 or by email.



                                                                       Jackie Witcher