• Classroom Rules and Expectations


         I want our classroom to be a safe environment for everyone so that all children can learn and grow.  This means that we will respect people, property, and feelings.  During the first few weeks of school we will be talking about the expectations that are necessary for our classroom.  In order to start the year off successfully I have come up with a few expectations for our classrooms.


    1. Be responsible
    2. Be respectful
    3. Be ready to learn

    These expectations are broad and we will discuss them in more detail in class.


     Some of the behaviors that will not be tolerated in our classroom are:
    - Hitting/kicking
    - Bullying
    - Spitting/biting
    - Throwing/destroying property
    These behaviors will cause the student to be removed from the classroom immediately and parents will be notified. 



    You will be informed daily of your child’s behavior through class dojo, an app you can download on your phone.  With this app you can see your child's positive and negative behaviors throughout the day. If you did not receive a sign in code please let me know.