-     Southlake Elementary School     COMPLETED (OPENED AUG 2014)
 -    Timber Creek Elementary School     COMPLETED (OPENED AUG 2015)   
-     Southridge Junior High       COMPLETED (OPENED AUG 2015)
-      Pre-school Additions:
         1.  Central Elementary            COMPLETED (OPENED AUG 2015) 
         2.  Earlywine Elementary        TO BE COMPLETED AUG 2016
         3.  Sky Ranch Elementary        TO BE COMPLETED AUG 2017
-      New restrooms and a concession building @ Westmoore HS athletic facilities   COMPLETED
-      Additional gymnasium at Moore High School   COMPLETED
-      Additional gymnasium/ weight room at Southmoore HS   COMPLETED
-      New restroom and concession building at Moore HS baseball facility   COMPLETED
-      New band room at Southmoore High School   COMPLETED
-      New language/math labs at each of the district’s secondary schools   COMPLETED
-      Improve, repair, and/or replace roofing at Moore West Jr. High (COMPLETED) , Highland West
         Jr. High, Southgate Elementary School, the district’s Administrative Service Center, 
         and Fairview Elementary School   ONGOING 

-      Acquire land to be used for future school locations   ONGOING 

-      Acquire district-wide athletic equipment as needed   ONGOING
               AND security equipment to be placed at school sites for student safety   ONGOING
-       Acquire computers, software, and related equipment   ONGOING
 -       Make improvements to existing school sites as needed   ONGOING
-       Acquire textbooks/educational materials   ONGOING
-       Acquire equipment for the Child Nutrition Program as needed   ONGOING
-       Acquire media equipment and materials as needed   ONGOING
 -       Purchase of school buses, vans, and transportation-related equipment including
         camera and surveillance systems for safety/security      ONGOING                                                 
-      Purchase of student activity buses   HAVE PURCHASED TWO  (more coming in the near future)