• Below you will find a list of items needed for our class.  This is the same list you should have found in stores and on our school's website. 
    Please note:  The supply list is the same for half day and all day classes.  The DIFFERENCE is what needs to be labeled with your child's first and last name.  If you are in half day kindergarten please wait and see how your child's teacher would like supplies labeled. 
    Please label the following items:
    1 pencil/crayon box
    4 boxes of crayons
    1 pair of headphones (preferably not ear buds)
    1 Fiskars metal scissors
    1 pkg washable markers
    1 pencil pouch
    1 white 1 inch binder with cover (Please put name on the inside of the binder.  I will have labels and cover sheets for the outside)
    1 backpack without rollers
    Lunch box (this is not required but please label if your child is bringing one) 
    Do not label the following items:
    4 pink erasers
    12 pencils
    1 washable glue
    16 glue sticks  
    1 can Play Doh
    1 blue plastic folder with prongs
    1 red plastic folder with prongs
    1 orange plastic folder with prongs
    1 yellow plastic folder with prongs
    1 green plastic folder with prongs
    1 blue 3 hole punched plastic pocket folder
    3 boxes tissues
    1 box Ziploc bags (boys-quart size, girls-gallon size)
    2 containers of wipes (1-Clorox, 1- baby)