•  Mrs. Wheeler's Grade 2 "Good Behavior is Expected Plan"  

    Our class will use a good behavior is expected plan chart system in the class room. This plan will have students moving their name clips upward for awesome good behavior with a Friday goal of "Outstanding" or moving their name clips down for inappropriate behavior, students moving clips down to yellow or orange will be given a 2nd chance to improve and move clips back up. Students on red will be sent to the office. All students will begin Monday on the chart as Ready to Learn, they will have their name clips moved through out the week as they earn or lose according to their behavior in class. On Fridays a behavior chart will come home letting the parent know how their child's behavior was for the week. Please reward your child for their clips moving up they deserve it !! on Fridays we will have a Mystery Prize celebration to celebrate awesome classroom behavior together :) 
    Good Behavior Chart hanging includes only green, blue, purple, pink 
       Great Job
       Good Day
    Ready to Learn
    Stop and Think (visible for Teacher only)
    Parent Contact(visible for Teacher only)
    Office(visible for Teacher only)
    Whole Brain Teaching Rules Of The Jungle Are : 1. Follow directions quickly, 2. Raise your hand to speak,
    3. Raise your hand to get out of your seat, 4. Make smart choices, 5. Make your Teacher happy! 
     *Please note there are two circumstances in the classroom that will result in an immediate office referral and parent contact. They are physically hurting another student and/or blatant disrespect of the Teacher.   
    I will also use the 8 principles of GREAT EXPECTATIONS in the classroom. I will always EXPECT your child to show me their best behavior each and every day in the classroom . 
    Great Expectations are simply great ways of treating each other at all times. Simply stated they are:
    1. to value one another and see that everyone is special
    2. to not laugh at or make fun of each other
    3. to use good manners, saying please and thank you, being respectful
    4. to cheer for each other
    5. to help each other
    6. to recognize when someone does something good
    7. to encourage one another to be their best
    8. to practice these positive principles each day with each other as a class
     *revised 9/17/17