• It is important that parents and students understand Classroom rules, Behavior and Homework expectations.

    Please read our classroom rules and discuss them with your child.    

    1. We will respect our teacher and other adults.

    2. We will work quietly and do not disturb others.

    3. We listen when others are talking.

    4. We will be friendly to our classmates.

    5. We will be truthful and honest.

    6. We will do our homework and return it to school.

    7. We will cooperate with others.

    8. We will always do our best. 

    (Appropriate) Behavior is an important part of learning. 
    I cannot express how important homework is to retaining what we learn at school during the day.   Completing homework and returning it will teach your child to be responsible.

    In closing I hope you will read and discuss the three main procedures in our class, Classroom Rules, Behavior and Homework expectations.

    We work to learn many things in fourth grade. It will take a partnership between myself and parents to get your child on a positive road to learning.