• Administrative Team Members
    (Phone: 735-4200)

    Dr. Robert Romines, ext. 4249
    Assistant Superintendent, Personnel 
    Johnny Bailey, ext. 4203
    Email: Johnny Bailey 
    Assistant Superintendent,
    Secondary Education and Instruction
    David Peak, ext. 4283
    Email: David Peak
    Assistant Superintendent,
    Elementary Education and Instruction
    Michelle McNear, ext. 4277
    Assistant Superintendent, Operations
    Jeff Horn, ext. 4221
    Email:  Jeff Horn  
    Director of Operations
    John Marren, ext. 4221
    Email:  John Marren 
    Chief Financial Officer
    B J Ryan, ext. 4229
    Email: B J Ryan
    Managing Directors of Career and Technology Education,
    Alternative Education, Child Nutrition
    Jimmy Martin, ext. 4257
    Athletics Director
    Brian Fitzgerald, ext. 4255
    Dean of Academics
    Shannon Thompson, ext 4216
    Director of Special Services
    Kim Heard, ext. 4310
    Email:  Kim Heard 
    Director of Student Services
    Kristy Hernandez,  ext. 4297
    Director of Technology
    Jun Kim, ext. 4010
    Email: Jun Kim  
    Director of Educational Technology
    Brandon Wilmarth, ext. 4317
    Director of Safety and Security
    Dustin Horstkoetter, ext. 4363