• Parents and Students,
    Here are the Classroom Rules and Expectations Regarding Classwork/Homework:
    1. If students fail to bring their homework or work to class they are to write their name in a binder, the assignment name, and reason. 
    2. If students are causing an issue in class-regarding behavior, not following directions, being a disruption to everyone else or disrespectful. They will sign their name, date, and reason and after 3 warnings they will leave the classroom and go visit with a principal. A referral will follow them to the principal's office.
    3. If a student is in class when the work was assigned then the student is responsible for completing the work and have it ready to grade the next day. However, if a student is absent, then we follow the district policy on make-up work. 
    4. They will have until the end of the week to re-do any zeros, missing assignments, or low grades. By Friday EVERYTHING is DUE with no Exceptions. Unless it is make-up work from being absent or we have made other arrangements.