• Grading Policy

     Grading Policy:
    Set by the Math Department 
    Test and Quizzes:
     Daily / Homework Assignments:
    Semester Test:
    In my class, grades will be taken from morning Bell Work, Homework, and Participating in class activities.  
    Bell Work 
      Bell work will consist of 3-5 problems either from material you’ve already seen or previewing new items in the days to follow.  It will be graded on completion, since we will go over every problem we do.

       Homework will be assigned throughout the week.  Just like most things in life, to truly be good at it you must practice.  Homework will be graded on one of two criteria: either 1) is the entire assignment finished.  Again you can't master math unless you practice, or 2) did you solve the problem and arrive at the correct answer.  This doesn't mean simply putting "x = 6", but showing me how you arrived at "x = 6".
    If you’re absent, it is your responsibility to get any assignments you have missed.
    All assignments are due the day specified in class; however, no make-ups/redos will be accepted after the end of the 9 weeks in which they were given.
    Class Participation 
      Throughout the week, there will be times where I ask the class questions and we discuss what we've just learned.  This is not limited to, but includes working problems on white boards, discussing why this step is right or wrong in a problem, or simply explaining how you arrived at your answer so that other students may benefit from you knowledge.  Participation can be as simple as looking at the speaker or answering a question.  Participation is not laying your head down, working on other assignments, or playing on your phone.
    Late Work 
      The math department discourages late work. It is important that students complete every assignment in a timely manner so that they can move in to the next concept. Should an extenuating circumstance arise, the teacher may deal with it on an individual basis.