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    Third Grade Parent Handbook


    Dear Parents:

    Welcome to an exciting year of learning! We are looking forward to working with the children and parents of Northmoor. We firmly believe that children achieve more when the parents and teachers work together. This handbook has been compiled to supply information about policies and procedures of our third grade classes. We will be visiting with you many times throughout the year so that, together, we can create the most successful learning experience possible for your child.

    We believe that our third graders are provided an exciting and stimulating curriculum. Your child will be taught important skills in each subject area. These skills will be presented in a variety of formats that give your child many and varied opportunities to achieve learning success. We ask that you talk with your child about his/her school day; praise for work well done, and try to give support in any problem areas. Please remember to encourage and keep a positive attitude about school and learning. Feel free to call us at school (735-4420) if you have any questions. If we are unavailable at the time of your call, we will return your call as quickly as possible.

    We look forward to an exciting year. The goal is the same for all of us — providing your child the best possible education!!


    Third Grade Teachers



    Students are allowed to enter the building at 8:45 a.m. They will wait in the cafeteria until 9:00. Teachers will pick them up in the cafeteria after the bell has rung. Please do not allow your child to come to the classroom until after the 9:00 bell and/or the teacher has picked up the other students. This is important for student safety. Classes start at 9:15.  Students will be dismissed from the front of the building at 3:51 p.m. Please make sure that your child is aware of how he/she is to go home each day. Your child's safety is very important to all of us.


    Your child should be in school every day that he/she is not ill. Do not send your child to school if he/she has a communicable disease such as flu, ringworm, impetigo, pink eye, etc. Every absence, even part of a school day, interferes with your child's progress at school. Each subject is taught in a sequence which builds understanding and good habits of study. In order to be ready for new steps in learning, your child must have mastered the previous steps and be sufficiently ready to profit from new materials. Students can make up work sheets; however, they cannot make up class discussion, hands-on activities, daily teacher instruction and guidance, and participation grades.


     Not everything we do in the classroom can be made up at home.  That is why school attendance is very important.  We will provide your child with an appropriate amount of work to take home to help with  missed learning due to absence.  This work will not go home ahead of time.  If your child is ill or has a doctor’s appointment, we will collect and assemble a packet of work that is right for the particular learning that went on that day. Make-up work may be picked up at the end of the day or when the student returns to school.   It will be sent in a your child’s Binder.  Please return the completed work to the teacher.  Students have two days to complete absent work.  The grade on each paper will be lowered 10 points for each day overdue.    It is the student’s responsibility to ask for help about work that is not understood.


    At the beginning of the week you will be provided a homework sheet listing the expectations and goals for that week.  This homework sheet will be kept inside your child’s binder.  



     Birthdays may be celebrated at school only during lunch time. If you wish to bring cupcakes to school on your child’s birthday, they will be served during lunch. You are welcome to join your child for lunch in the cafeteria, but please check into the office as a visitor.


    Please help your child remember to bring a backpack to school every day. A backpack will help your child learn to be responsible; it is his/her job to bring notes, work, homework folders, etc. between school and home.


    Your child will be given many opportunities to read selected books from our library at school. Each student then takes a quiz on the computer to check comprehension skills. Points are awarded to the student for correct responses; each student will have an Individual Reading Goal to reach in each nine week period. If you would like to help your child read more and achieve his/her goal, take them to the Moore Public Library and select books of interest to your child. Your child may take quizzes on these books at school.

    We will be stressing reaching a personal goal, reading on level, and scoring at least 85% or better on the comprehension quiz.


    It is important that your child reads at home each night. One of the most important subjects your child will encounter in school and at home is reading. Research indicates that the activities, games, and support children receive at home contribute greatly to their reading success. We know that each family is busy. We appreciate everything that you do to help your child be a successful reader. We hope that your child reads to you each night OUT LOUD, and that you read to them as often as possible. We will provide many kinds of reading each week. Family trips to the public library can offer additional reading opportunities.

    IMPORTANT: It is your child's responsibility to bring their library books and materials back to school each day.


    Homework Folder:

    Any assignments that your child does not finish that day will be placed inside the folder that is in your child's binder. PLEASE check this folder every night. 


    Thursday Folder:

     Graded daily work will be sent home to show examples of student work. Parents should keep work at home and return the empty folder on Friday.


    It is vital that each student learn to have self-control, good manners, and a positive attitude towards learning. Self-discipline is important to learning success; it is also a critical life skill. Your child will be treated fairly; all students are aware of the classroom rules. Most issues will be handled in the classroom by the teacher and student. Parents will be notified through Class Dojo when normal solutions do not seem to be working. Mrs. DeCarlo will become involved when there has been a serious problem and/or other solutions do not seem to be working.

    It is a pleasure to work with such supportive parents. Third grade is the next step of your child's journey to independent learning. We hope to see your child

    approach learning with confidence, good self-esteem, and a feeling that they are able to accomplish any goal that is set before them.

    This is an important life skill.